Are we losing the battle against Covid19?

Chilling reports of overflowing of hospitals with corona patients, numerous reports of hospital refusal to get admit the patients having visible Covid19 symptoms, the non-cooperative attitude of the police, and complete absence of politicians on the ground indicated that we have lost the battle against Covid19 pandemic. The state failed to contain malpractices of private laboratories as they are charging exorbitant money to conduct the test, the government hospitals insisting to treat Covid19 patients at home following the quarantine methods and healthy diet but what about life-saving saline, ventilator and essential medicines?

At the outbreak of pandemic, China developed 2 makeshift hospitals within 15 days with a capacity of 2000 beds, UK has recalled its retired medical staff on the emergency ground, United States, Russian Federation, Italy, and Spain have used the stadium as makeshift hospitals to treat corona patients. In India, what to speak about new/makeshift hospitals even existing hospitals unable to handle the patients, it means the country has made its people to suffer in this unplanned lockdown and vulnerable health infrastructure. It is appalling that instead of giving exact reports of total patients, there is pressure on the medical staff not to reveals the cause of death just aiming to hide the Covid19 fatality rate.

The government’s suggestion to adopt Herd Immunity is extremely dangerous may backfire and before taking any decision on Herd Immunity the lawmakers must examine what happened in the UK and how this policy boomeranged in the west. The global scenario suggests that every country is trying to achieve the goal of controlling pandemic and low death rate through the standard arsenal of public health—testing people and tracing contacts—and through more restrictive measures that include instituting quarantines, closing public spaces, banning mass gatherings, and issuing strong advice about Social distancing. But in India, where is the mass testing? Where is the contact tracing? Where is the adequate numbers of ventilators and medical staff? Where are the health facilities i.e. PPE Kit, Gloves, Mask and humane environment? Height of brazenness is that India has registered the highest number of hate crimes against minorities, northeast people, and medical staff in this pandemic crisis.

Coronavirus cases update:

The death toll due to COVID-19 rose to 2,872 and the number of total positive cases climbed to 90,927 Sunday morning, registering an increase of 120 fatalities and a record jump of 4,987 new cases in 24 hours, since 8 AM Saturday, according to the Union Health Ministry.

The number of active COVID-19 cases stands at 53,946, while 34,108 people have recovered and one patient has migrated, it said.

“Thus, around 37.51 per cent patients have recovered so far,” a senior health ministry official said

Three states have reported over 10,000 cases so far with Maharashtra being the worst hit at 30,706 infections, followed by Gujarat (10,988) and Tamil Nadu 10,585.

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