Bahujans should not support Brahmanism -Akif Dafedar

By staff Reporter

Aurangabad (Maharashtra)

Spokes person of Maharashtra Chhatrapati Shivaji Muslim Brigade Akif Dafedar slams  bahujans those who are supporting and mushrooming Brahmanism .Akif said, It is very unfortunate that some of our Bahujan ( ST,SC,OBC)  people support Brahamanism for their personal and political gains.

He was Speaking as chief orator at a day long convention,which is organized by Backward and Minorities communities employees federation  (BAMCEF) on 18th June   at Moulana Azad Center ,Majnu Hill Aurangabad .

Topic of the symposium was ” Destroying Brahmanism is the Nationalism” .

Defining Brahmanism 50 year old pioneer activist Akif says, Manu Smriti is the base of it which is the  wicked system. It divides  humans on the basis of caste and creed and call them Achhut ,Shudra (Untouchable).

Bahujans are suffering since two  thousand years,inspite of getting quality education and  achieving good position ,Bahujans  don’t get or enjoy  social acceptability and respectability.

He further said that history clearly shows that Brahmins had strongly opposed coronation of Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj  and boycotted it. Because their beliefs and system don’t allow a Shudra to be the king .

Great personalities  like Maratha warrior Shivaji ,Shahu Maharaj,Jyoti ba Phule Dr.Baba Saheb Ambedkar were true supporters of Muslims and did their best to protect social rights of Minorities,he added.

Akif emphasised that our constitution has given full protection and rights to all the citizens but we should be united to protect constitution and our rights. If we lose our way and politically  strengthen enemies , they will keep creating social disturbance and harm the entire nation,added Akif.

The function  was attended by Mahesh Ninad ,OP Sadve and presided by Sanjay Mohite ( In charge of BAMCEF ,Maharashtra).

It is notable that Wajid Quadri. From Jamat E Islami Hind delivered lecture on the same topic and declared  Support for the movement of downtroddens.

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