Burka is not a problem

By: Uzair Ahmad
Student Jawaharlal Nehru University Delhi

Mr. Prakash jha, I am writing these lines. I have tweeted on your personal acount, You are making a film “Lipstick under my Burka”, I don’t have anything to do with your film. Neither I am going to review nor rate it. My all problem is your “Title”.
Burka is a symbol of muslim women. You said in a show that lipstick is a symbol of small desires of the girls, but burka is a symbol of social ban, imposed by men on wonen, why social ban? You know burka has been never a problem for the muslim girls, they are getting higher education, they are being paid higher salary, they are runnig various organisation, they all doing under their burka.
Everyone knows sex is also an important part of life, but muslim women never try to talk about it in public, because they have ethics,  morality, and social values, driven from their religion, and different from your religion.
If you are an athiest, you don’t follw a religion, or follow a religion that does not tell you about morality, then why you try to make everyone like you.
You may be a good writer, good story teller, but you are completely ignorant about Islam, even we can call you an illiterate in the field of Islam, you don’t know your own religion, then how it is possible that you will know about other’s religion, You are judging someone’s religion on another’s ground. One culture should not be judged on the parameters made by another culture.
Maybe you have the story of one whore girl who is trying to persent herself as a muslim, but you don’t have the story of a lot of muslim girls who can die but never lose her dignity.
I hope, first of all you have certainly made nikah of the girl and boy in the film, because Islam does not have the concept of boy friend and girl friend, Every relation before nikah is forbidden in Islam. Islam clearly says that Every relation befor the nikah is an adultery, and who will perpetrate this, will be punished in his pre-death and post-death life, But you will never ever understand these things because you don’t know what is the dignity of women.
The dignity of a woman is hidden in a woman herself. When reaching a woman becomes easy, the woman turns into a “goods”, Everyone starts trying to get her easily, by money, by power, or by befooling her in the name of independence and freedom.
You people say that a woman should have the right to choice of cloth, she will decide herself what to wear and what not, but why not with muslim women, Why do you have problem If a woman wears burka or hijab, why you people try to condem her, and discourage her by your films and your writings.
You are saying that Burka is a social ban imposed on muslim women. You are wrong. Islam is not the religion of forced religiosness, Everyone has a complete right to follow or unfollow the religion. Non is forcing to enter in Islam, But If someone accepts that there is no real God exept Allah and Mohammad is His messenger, then it means that he surrendered his wishes, desires and needs to Islam, Now he must do his every work according to Islam.
This religiousness does not come from the human, but from the heaven, the concept of reward and punishment is the basic source of the idea of good deed and wrong deed. And this good deed and wrong deed will not be decided by your culture.
Every country has a specific rules, and these rules will not be applied on those people who are living outside the country or not the citizen of that contry, But if they enter in that country, the rules and regulation will be applied on them.
This is the same condition of Islam. Islam is not only a religion, but it is like a “state”, which has its own rules and regulation, who will follow these rules will be rewarded, and who will not, will be punished.
The moral of the story is that “Burka” is not the custom imposed by men, but it is a metter of religion as well as tradition which a muslim woman choose herself. If she wants to not wear, non can force her to wear, but if she wears, non has the right to criticize her.
Shams Tabrez Qasmi is the Founder & Chief Editor of Millat Times Group, featuring news stories, ground reports and interviews on YouTube. Host Khabar Dar Khabar and debate show " Desh K Sath". He contributes to several news publications as columnist , Ex Director & Member at Press Club Of India. Email: stqasmi@gmail.com