Coronavirus Pandemic: It’s time to remember your Almighty Allah, raise your hand to Him and seek Forgiveness, says a converted brother

Don’t you perform regular salah! My dear brothers and sisters this is a reminder from a converted brother. Don’t you see mosques are getting closed and you won’t have chance to enter the mosque! Don’t you see after the death funeral prayer aren’t happening! Don’t you see people are scaring getting close to you, if you’re infected!

How many incidents you need to witness to turn back to Allah! Oh, my brothers and sisters it’s time to remember your Almighty, it’s time to repent, it’s time for you to open the door of your Lord.

You can’t save yourself by wearing mask or washing your hand. Indeed your destination written by Allah. It’s time to raise your hand to Him and seek forgiveness. Without His mercy you’ll not survive a single second.

This post has been taken from FB wall of Joram Van Klavera (former Netherlands MP and converted Muslim).

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