Dear Muslim Indians: Please Be Wise and Be Smart

When your masjids are virtually closed and you have chosen to pray at homes even in this virtuous month of Ramadhan; when your academic institutions, businesses and all sources of income are completely shutdown; and when you have already locked yourselves inside homes and even the stagnated labourers and poor are not able to reach or meet their loved ones – just to abide by the law and save yourselves and help stop the spread of deadly corona virus in India; then how will it be wise to go out in the bazaar in the month of holy Ramadhan to purchase petty groceries, fruits, vegetables and clothes in crowds?

Thanks to PM Modi that he has made some selective relaxation in the nationwide lockdown, the reason he knows better, but better be wise; do not use that option and do not go out without an urgent need. Please save money for yourself, avoid all sorts of extravagances and help the needy with that saving in this Ramadhan. Please maintain required social distancing and stay home to stay healthy. Please be smart and do not avail the options which may not be good for your health as well as your pockets.

It would be wiser to avoid another uncalled for, unwarranted and unnecessary allegation on your heads in regard to spread of COVID-19 in the country. You have already received enough hates for no intentional or even unintentional wrong from your ends. Haven’t you seen the communal poisons put on air by some evil boxes in guise of media? Your crowding in markets may be one more excuse for some and a means of hate mongering for some others. So please be smarter and be wiser.

MB Qasmi is chief editor of Eastern Crescent,Mumbai.

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