Delhi govt is not to be blame for the delay in execution of four convicts of Nirbhaya Case said Kejriwal

CM Kejriwal hits back on BJP because his BJP alleged that his government was to blame for delays in the execution of the four convicts of Nibhya Case. The Delhi CM Kejriwal said this today that his government “hardly has any role in it (the execution)” and whatever the formalities related to to execution will be “completed…within hours”. Arvind Kejriwal comment has come after a tearful appeal by  Nirbhaya’s mother, who criticized “people playing with my daughter’s death for political gains”.

“All the work that was under the Delhi government was completed by us within hours… we never delayed any work related to this case. Delhi government hardly has any role in it. We want convicts to be hanged at the earliest,” Mr Kejriwal has said.
Only hours before Nirbhaya’s mother criticized the delhi govt for delaying the execution, told to ANI: “Those who attacked my daughter are being given a thousand options, but we have no rights?”
Thursday, the BJP’s Prakash Javadekar claimed the hanging had been delayed because of “negligence” by the Delhi government.
“AAP is responsible for the delay in justice. Why did Delhi government not give notice to the convicts for filing mercy plea in last 2.5 years?” at a news conference BJP leader asaked.
As per law, convicts on death row cannot be executed till they exhaust all remedies under law. “The fate of a death convict comes to finality only after his mercy plea is rejected by the President,” Rahul Mehra, a lawyer representing the Delhi government, told the High Court.
This morning the President rejected a mercy plea filed by Mukesh Singh, one of the convicts. However, the three other convicts have their mercy petitions pending.
Six men were arrested by the delhi police for the horrifying assault and murder of the girl named Jyoti. Ram Singh from those six accused killed himself inside Tihar Jail during trial, a few months short of 18 at the time of the incident, was released after three years in a reform facility.

Let you know that the upcoming Delhi election also does matters because in this election will run in AAP versus BJP method where Congress is not in the race, so BJP’s reaction over everything related to Delhi govt will show their last hope that can turn the direction of all voters from AAP.