5 factors to selecting the perfect salwar kameez

    Introduction about salwar for the wedding wardrobe


    The wedding of any girl is a one-time event in her entire life. Every bride tries their best to make this affair unforgettable. Indian wedding parties are normally packed with customs along with a lot of rituals. Nowadays in India, salwar choli is a must attire for every bride. A wedding ceremony can not be completed without this.


    The salwar is normally worn at the bottom part and this is tied in the waist area. A choli which is otherwise known as the blouse. Some of the factors for choosing the salwar for the wedding wardrobe have been discussed in this article.


    Top factors to keep in mind before choosing the wedding salwar


    1. The bride should choose the salwar for herself. In some cultures, the bride’s relative used to give her bridal apparel as a gift. It is better to ask the bride to go shopping and choose the desired salwar suit for her. 


    1. The color of the wedding apparel is very crucial. One needs to make sure it suits her skin tone. Each outfit for different occasions must be of a unique color combination. One can wear traditional colors like golden, maroon, red, and pink. One can go for the trending pastel color also. 


    1. Keeping in mind the wedding season, one should choose the wedding salwar kameez. In the case of a winter wedding, any of the fabrics can look best. For a summer or monsoon wedding in India, the bride needs to avoid any thick silk, velvet, or something too heavy.


    1. The bride should keep in mind her body size and shape while choosing the wedding salwar suit. The bride having the hourglass body shape can go for the A-line kameez, having the fluid fabric and the blouse should be short. The brides that are having the heavy top should go for the jacket style version, and the neckline should be wide. Those who have both top and bottom-heavy should go for long tops that will go till the hip. The brides having the rectangle body shape should go for a full wide skirt, the fabric should be stiff and the neckline should be below. 


    1. Time for buying the wedding suit is very crucial. As a wedding is a lifetime event, one should take enough time to go to different shops, or to the designer boutique to look for the desired outfit. One can also go to the online shops to get the desired outfit. So if someone wants to look perfect on their big day, they should start preparing for the same early. Buying wedding apparel is another trend that has been picking up lately. “The pandemic has changed drastically as to how people buy high-ticket items like wedding designer suits. Consumers from Tier-II and III cities are also flocking to buying online,” says Khalid Raza Khan, Founder & CEO of YourLibaas, an ethnic apparel eCommerce brand based in the UAE.


    Types of wedding salwar based on the work done on them


    Bridal salwar normally consists of a choli, dupatta, and the skirt which is lavishly decorated, with embroidery work. While some of the suits feature simple work, some others are rich in threadwork. The embroidery can be of the following types.


    1. Zari embroidery adds meaning and beauty together by creating rich and artful garments. This traditional embroidery work is mainly thread work that’s done with precious gold or silver threads. This is mainly done on the silk fabric. This is mainly used for summer wedding salwar.


    1. In the case of Zardosi salwar’s precious pearls, beads, and the gota patti is being stitched with the rich gold threads on the heavy silk, satin fabrics, and velvet. 


    1. Chikankari embroidery is Lucknow’s age-old and popular artwork. To give Chikankari salwar a bridal look, this is mixed with some other elements such as the cut dana and sequins.


    1. Gota Patti is the classic Rajasthani style of decorating the garment, mainly inspired by the Mughal era. This can be crafted with the gold and copper fibers on some of the fabrics like chiffon, georgette, silk, and velvet.




    A wedding salwar defines the perfect bridal look. So utmost care should be taken while choosing the desired one.

    M Qaisar Siddiqui is a young journalist and editor at Millat Times