Global Coronavirus: More than one million cases confirmed worldwide as death toll exceeded 51,000 and 208,000 patients recovered

The total number of global cases has passed 1,000,000, including more than 50,000 fatalities. Over 208,000 patients are reported to have recovered. 1,004,533 COVID-19 cases and 51,560 deaths have been reported across the globe as of April 02, 2020, 19:10 GMT, according to WHO. So far, 205 countries and regions have reported COVID-19 infections. A total of 51,364 deaths have been recorded across the world, including 37,709 in Europe, with Italy registering 13,915, followed by Spain with 10,003, France with 5,387 and the United States with 5,715.

237,877 confirmed cases in the U.S, meanwhile unemployment in the US hit 6.6 million. More than 4,244 new COVID-19 infections and 569 more deaths for the second day in a row reported in England in the past 24 hours, bringing the total number to 33,718 confirmed cases and 2,921 deaths as of Thursday, according to the Department of Health. Spain becomes the third country after the U.S. and Italy to report over 110,238 confirmed COVID-19 cases. Europe has registered 500,000 cases of #COVID19, over 50% the global total.

Italy reports 4,668 new cases of coronavirus and 760 new deaths, raising total to 115,242 cases and 13,915 dead. Italy and Spain account for three in every four deaths in Europe, as half of the planet’s population endures some form of lockdown in an attempt to halt novel coronavirus contagion that has claimed more than 51,560 lives worldwide.In France, the total number of confirmed COVID19 cases has climbed to 59,105, a jump of 4,861 from a day before. 4,503 people have died from the virus in the country, a daily increase of 50. There are more than a million coronavirus cases around the world, 210,517 recoveries and 51,560 lives lost. In Iran, the total number of confirmed COVID19 cases has escalated to 50,468 and pandemic has killed 3,160 people.

Turkey added 2,456 new COVID-19 cases, bringing the total number of cases to 18135. It also added 79 new deaths, increasing the total number of deaths to 356. India added 538 COVID-19 cases, raising total to 2536 cases and death toll to 72.

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