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PANAJI : Islam and Muslims have contributed to the Indian civilization and there are evidences of Islam’s contribution to Goa and the whole of western India, emphasized Goa University professor, Dr Nandakumar Kamat.
He was addressing at the inaugural function of the 4 days children’s book fair, ‘Taare Zameen Par’ (TZP), organized by the Board of Innovative Education, Goa at Santa Cruz in Goa’s capital, Panaji.
Speaking about the times of the early Islamic civilization, he said “All of them were passionate about knowledge and they pursued knowledge. They went to every possible corner of the world to gain knowledge and that is what built the Islamic civilization. A civilization that was created by beneficent Muslim deeds and that is what has brought India to today’s level of understanding.”
He further opined that the contributions of Islam and Muslims to Goa and the Konkan region is well documented. “If we look back into history we can see the contribution of Islam to Goa and entire western India and western state and the whole of Konkan have the evidence. Whereas we only waste our time discussing wars and it is not the way to educate our children”, Kamat added.
Stating that India is not a composition of just a particular religious culture but a mosaic of hundreds and thousands of strands, he said “This country belongs to all of us and does not belong to any specific religious denomination and only on the basis of merit Muslims can take the leadership of t-he country.”
Congratulating BIE for the event he said “TZP is a platform for the beginning of enlightenment. BIE has created history by organizing the event because in the entire 1300 years of Muslims in Goa, even after the liberation of Goa, I have not seen such an event for the enlightenment of the whole community. If you have the power of knowledge with you then no one can defeat you.”
Dr Mohammad Khalid Mubashir uz Zafar, Head of Department of Translations, Maulana Azad National Urdu University informed that in the developed countries the percentage of youth involved in reading is more than the elderly people
He said “In India even amongst the literate youth, only 25 percent read books compared to 88 percent in America. And it is not that our youth don’t want to read but the tools used to read today have changed and they are unaware of them.”
Drawing attention to the inspiration Quran delivers to the seekers of knowledge, he said “Even 1400 years ago the Quran addressed human intellect very differently; the first verse didn’t address Namaaz or Roza. But it addressed the challenge of intellect. Quran had invited critical thinking more than 1400 years ago. Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) introduced the system of teaching and learning
Chairman of BIE Abdul Waheed Khan in his address said “The event is an attempt to lay the foundation for academic excellence amongst the Muslims as well as impress upon the importance of knowledge for the reconstruction of the community.”
He further said that through the event BIE wishes to promote reading culture amongst children and stress upon the need of home libraries.
A children’s magazine was launched at the inaugural function attended by the who’s who of the Muslim community from Goa.
Throwing light on the children’s magazine Irshad shaikh said that this magazine will provide the much needed platform for the children to explore their talents.
According to pajim based parent Nadia Aslam ,The festival in 2016 has provided us a different dimension to our daily life as there was so much more that my children were able to learn apart from their daily studies.
She said that Along with the Islamiyat classes, TZP event provides the opportunity to balance the need for entertainment in the Islamic way. Right from strengthening Iman through artifacts to inculcating knowledge through books, is transcending the norms,Nadia added.
 The event will continue until Tuesday 26th December.
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