Modi Government Turning Delhi into a Warzone: Resist Attempt to Vitiate Our Social Fabric, stand up for peace, harmony and constitutional values

The JNUSU expresses its alarm at the escalating tension in Delhi, particularly in the North East regions of the city. It is clear that the upsurge against the CAA-NRC-NPR has clearly set alarm bells ringing in Krishna Menon Marg, Jhandewalan and Nagpur. Since the past three days, the Sangh sponsored henchmen in the guise of the pro-CAA protestors have tried to Stoke tensions at protest sites. At the same time during the Bharat Band called against the scuttling of reservations and the imposition of the CAA, women protestors have been lathi charged brutally at Jaffarabad and Hauz Rani. Scores of women lie injured as a result of unprecedented police brutality. BJP leader Kapil Mishra has overlooked the fact that he lost the election despite his provocations and has made threatening remarks insinuating violence against Muslims for their protest in North East Delhi. Misha’s attitude shows that the BJP- RSS will continue to push its communal and divisive venom irrespective of the irreversible damage to peace and the social environment. The deliberate provocation by the Sanghi henchmen is seeing arson, stone pelting and carnage rule the streets as the protestors are being mercilessly targeted. The death of a constable in Chand Bagh at the same time is tragic and responsibility for the same must be taken by the MHA for tacit and overt complicity to the communal and violent footsoldiers of the RSS-BJP. These deaths and injuries are a result of the vitriol that the Modi-Shah and Sangh combine is deliberately pushing in our society. *Here we would like to mention that it is time that the AAP led Delhi Government takes a robust stand against communal hate and safeguard peace and harmony for which people of Delhi have given them a resounding mandate.*

It is shameful that when parts of the national capital are burning, *the gaze of the government and the corporate media is fixed on diverting the issue to the visit of Trump.* Mr. Trump’s uncouth language and right wing agenda are being overlooked to waste billions of taxpayer’s money even as far from doing a favor his visit is a distraction from the smouldering flames of communal vitriol and violence in the national capital.

The redefining of citizenship is a fundamental step of radically altering our constitution and communalizing our republic institutionally. Those who are fighting are doing so to save the constitution and we must stand with them. The JNUSU appeals for peace and requests all to not fall into the trap of the RSS and maintain the unity of our struggle.

Press release by JNUSU, views are personal.

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