Online Condolence Meeting by Kulliyat’s (faculties) first batch of Jamia Salafia Varanasi

The Online Condolence Meeting was held by Kulliyat’s (faculties) first batch of Jamia Salafia Varanasi on 27th August 2021 in the evening, as it was pre-scheduled in the class group and announced later among the students. The meeting was started at 05 pm through Zoom application with the recitation of The Holy Quran by Hafiz Nasim Ahmad. The meeting was organized and well managed by the students themselves. This program was basically organized to remember some good deeds and awesome memories of Shaikh Naiyimuddin Madani Rahimahullah whose words are always connected with us and we can always make Dua for him. He was the person who served in Jamia Salafia Varanasi for about 40 glorious years of his life and took his last breath in Delhi AIIMS on 22nd August 2021.

All participants were welcomed warmly in the meeting those who belonged to different places and are working now with different institutes. There were approximately 20 students in the meeting because they were busy with their own unavoidable schedules and some had networking issues.

Mr. Ajazul Haq said that Shaikh was really a very nice person, well experienced teacher and very responsible. He served in the Jamia as Principle along with a teacher designation but never let the both position merged with each other and mismanaged. He always treated in the class like a very interesting and kind teacher and tried his best to satisfy the students and did. But out of the class he was totally different person as a principal and a chair person. He always supported the Union of the students of Jamia and stood with them like a shady tree.

Mr. Faiyaz Ahmad added that Shaikh was a real teacher of not only for the educational life but for human being life also. He was a very nice, honest, faithful, responsible and dextrous teacher of the circumstances. He taught us both how to live our lives and achieve knowledge from this world. He neither let the students felt boring in the lesson nor tried to over act about anything. He was a very punctual and responsible person.
Mr. Mursalin talked about Shaikh that his sense of humour was so good and he used to use it in the class as well as with his students. He always treated with the students like a fellow or a loving father, not like a person with whip. He used to visit the sick persons and he was very honest never let the students to work for him but he used to do his work by himself. He was as a teacher, like a road which doesn’t move but shows the destination all those who walk on it.
Mr. Mujahidul Islam said: Shaikh was a good teacher, well planner and very punctual person. Sheikh’s death is a great loss of both: students and educational world. During his teachings Sheikh used to speak different regional languages and various dialects to make the lesson interested and keep the students connected. He was excellent in all subjects specially in Mirath (Inheritance).

Mr. Abdurrahman yousuf connected from Bangladesh and added You might feel it normal to get admission in Jamia Salafia Varanasi as it is in India, but it was really so hard for me because of the lack of knowledge and being a foreigner. I remember the moment when I was in so much trouble because of my admission process, some documents were missing but it was Sheikh who helped and guided me properly. His gate was always open for the guests with a smiling face. His behaviour was always like a father, a very nice teacher and a cooperative person. He supported me and other students always.
Rahmatullah, Nasim Ahmad, Kashif Jamal, Abdul Aziz Kaifi, Mizanurrahman, Asadullah and many other students also presented their thoughts, memories and shared their feelings with each other.
At last Asadullah Abu Talib talked about Sheikh that his death is a great loss of students, teachers as well as for the Jamia. It’s so difficult to find out a very honest, punctual, hardworking, and well experienced teacher like him. Even I have travelled with him but he didn’t let us feel him a teacher with attitude but a nice person and a good fellow.

All of us missed him and made Dua for him with promise to carry on the way that Sheikh walked on it and shown us In Sha Allah.

Then the meeting was concluded with the votes of thanks to the Managing committee, Convener, Counsellor and all participants.

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