Uqaabi Rooh


Weather- A hot and dry afternoon.

The sun was shining with all its might, the vehicles were moving at a snail’s pace and there were very few people- those who were still shopping with great gusto.

I was getting ready for the ‘Asr’ prayer and as i was sitting silently by the window, trying to collect my thoughts, a faint music trickled in carrying with it the following words- “….Allah hi jaane Mohammed(swt) ka martaba….”

Somehow, for the first time in a very long time, i fell into a deep thought.

Those words opened the floodgates of my emotions and i started reminiscing about those days when i used to feel so close to Allah(swt) and there was this active/vibrant love which i had for our beloved Prophet(saw).

I was still a Muslim but the essence of being a Muslim and its reflection in my actions was – LACKING.

Yes, i have the courage to honestly admit that my piety level had gone down and i was struggling a lot- be it personal or professional issues.

“…Allah(swt) hi jaane kia hai Mohammed(saw) ka martaba…”

Our Prophet(saw) had struggled so much to establish the ‘Deen’ of Allah,

he himself is the epitome of Human Perfection- in all aspects of life,

a man who had left behind legions of steadfast believers, a man who is the leader of all Prophets(PBUT all) and being a part of his Ummah, it makes me so ashamed to be so unproductive.

I refuse to listen to any more excuses.

I refuse to think of it as impossible.

I refuse to indulge in blame game.

I am exhausted of not trying whole-heartedly.

What an amazing sight it will be on the Day of Judgement when the Prophet(saw) wakes up with Hazrat Abu Bakr(RA) on one side and Hazrat Umar(RA) on the other side.

I sincerely wish that even i am acknowledged by my Allah(swt) and my Prophet(saw) in the same manner on that Day. Aameen.

To end it, i leave you all with an inspiring Shaer by Allama Iqbal-

“Uqaabi ruh jab bedaar hoti hai jawano mein,

Nazar aati hai inko apni manzil aasmanon mein.”


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