US, Taliban Sign Deal: Afghanistan’s Soil Is “Graveyard Of Empires”

Power Politics, egoism, Gun Boat diplomacy, coercion, Imperialist desires finally went to the drain in unkind terrain of Afghanistan. US Taliban Peace Deal agreement inked in Doha after two decades long war. What lesson must be draw both parties from this decades long war?

US with highly intellectual foreign policy Makers always embrace humiliating end in very imposed war. Vietnam war was battled in blood and cries, US lost half a million soldiers including Massive economic loss. The same mistake was repeated in the clumsy mountains of Afghanistan. After short span of time then -US secretary of State Donald Rumsfeld announced formal victory against Taliban In Kabul, on the same Day George W Bush accomplish ground triumph against Iraq.
Taliban who has nothing to do with 9/11 tragedy gave tough time to Us led Coalition forces. Second decade of US invasion utterly turned to US awaiting humiliation.

Afghanistan soil is used to be the graveyard of all Major empires, From Persian to Maghul and from Britain’s to the Soviet union. One thing remains common ‘they subvert the very stone of this land, killed thousands of innocent lives, millions of them fled , injured starved and crippled for life time with the cost of few soldiers and bunch of coins of aggressor . In the battle of elephant ants suffer the most, we always beat the drum of shallow victories, the only victims of all these imposed wars were the inhabitants of Afghanistan. The most unfortunate piece of land on this planet.

Almost two decades war may come to an end ,but prevailing four decades civil unrest would not be witnessed in near future under partial truce . The rhetoric Taliban mentality, their draconian laws, vividly contrast to the modern civilised world, and their own style Sharia may be the sole cause of another civil war in Afghanistan. Ethnically, culturally, politically divers society of Afghanistan and Taliban version “differences” might escalate another bloody civil unrest in Afghanistan. Power sharing, within different Political entities will be the future head of Afghanistan people.

Pakistan prudently engaged Both parties, without Pakistani shuttle diplomacy it would not be done so far. Paving the way to negotiating table Islamabad may rebuild its lukewarm relation’s with Washington. It’s a huge diplomatic victory of Pakistan in favour of regional changing Geo economic, Geo Strategic, Geo political situation. Now its time for Trump to praise Pakistan.
Let’s peace prevail in this region. Stable and prosperous Afghanistan is guaranteed to the durable stability in Pakistan.

Courtesy: This post has been taken from FB wall of Qaiser Mahmood, a student of international relations. Views are personal.

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