Why does the battle for Mosul matter to Turkey?

Turkey must be involved in battle for Mosul: Erdogan

By: Md Irshad Ayub

If coalition partners would allow Turkey troops to participate in Mosul battle. What will be happened in Mosul? I think as far as Mosul is concerned, Turkish’s involvement in Mosul battle could be helpful to contain sectarian violence and carnage. Because the majority Mosul’s population is Sunni and also Iraqi Shi’ite militias have been felonious and infamous for conducting egregious sectarian genocide in Iraq. But at the same time, it must be emphasized that drive out ISIS from Mosul should remain the prime objective of Muslim countries in Middle East. Also Turkey shares 352 hundred kilometers border with Iraq and it has been taken pledge to continue support and welcome Iraqi refugees, already taken thousands of Iraqi refugees. ISIS is not only severe threat to Iraq but also to Turkey, moreover, in fact all countries in the world. Iraqi government should invite Turkey to take part the on going offensive against ISIS in Mosul on moral high grounds.As we see that Iraq already became a failed, dysfunctional and decimated state, and Iraqi’s population has been reeling under severe water scarcity, food crisis and lack of medicines as well. These all have been happening because of American’s blatant macabre policy of wars and battles as well as intervention. Turkey is the one of the countries in the world that has battle-hardened forces. If Iraqi regime involve Turkey army in Mosul battle, Turkey not only to contain sectarian violence but it will also enhance the advancement of Iraqi and local troops in Mosul to defeat ISIS completely. It will further lead to paving the way for a peaceful, prosperous and stable Iraq.(Millat Times)


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