Why Qatar is being targeted?

By Irshad Ayub

Saudi Arabia, Bahrain, the United Arab Emirates and Egypt have cut off diplomatic relations with Qatar. This move comes against the backdrop of a recent visit by Donald Trump in Saudi Arabia. Why is Qatar being targeted and threatened by Saudi Arabia? Because Qatar is the only nation in Gulf countries who openly supported Morsi Government and vehemently opposed military coup led by Al-Sisi, now he is the president of Egypt. Saudi Arabia shut down borders with Qatar citing national security reasons. The closing border will have a huge impact on Qatar’s domestic economic condition since it imports 90% of its food, large part of that via land from Saudi Arabia. Saudi Arabia feels emboldened after Trump visit. Also, Qatar is the only state in Gulf countries that has not been indulging in ongoing current sectarian violence and tension which has gripped every nook and corner of the Middle East region. Moreover, it has been always playing a peaceful, productive and fruitful role in Middle East politics. Simmering and sweltering tensions between Iran and Saudi Arabia is only devastating and crumbling Muslim countries. Qatar is a strong supporter of Muslim Brotherhood whom Saudi designates a terrorist organization. It describes Hamas as the legitimate representative of Palestinian people. there is an acknowledgment of fact that Saudi Arabic, the so-called Self-proclaimed defender of the Sunni world, is only protecting and safeguarding Al-Saud royal families not Saudi people at all. Saudi Arabic is a monarchical government that is based on premise that ideals of the family dynasty of kingship as well as aristocratic privileges, and arbitrary judicial legal system as well.

The writer is Sub Editor at Millat Times

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