Though the people who attack humanity, from around the world, are followers of different religions but from east to west and from north to south only Muslims are being largely discredited and as a result Islam is blamed as the promoter of intolerance and extremism.


mudassir-qasmiBy Muddassir Ahmad Qasmi

Communal riots, terrorist attacks, tribal bloodshed and war between two countries—all give untold miseries to the world. These havocs often claim many innocent lives, make women widows, leave many children orphans, snatch old parents support system and consequently lives of countless people become hell. If we ponder upon the causes, we will come to know that, basically, these disasters happen due to lack of human respect in our hearts. 

Yes, it is a fact that some people commit crimes against humanity that neither can be justified nor can be supported, but at the same time it is also necessary to make sure that only culprits are punished according to rule of law and not the guiltless people, because again it is utterly against justice to drag nonviolent people towards violence. Today we regretfully confess that there are a lot of people, groups and countries who cross the boundaries of moderation only to establish their supremacy in various fields of personal interests and these are the people who are responsible for spreading unrest in the world.

We must understand that the horrific fights and bloody wars are neither the real solution of our problems nor we can make the world a peaceful place to live in by them. That’s why it is necessary for all inhabitants of the world to agree on the point that as a human being everyone has full right to live in their own style and no one has right to snatch this particular right. This point is among those accepted norms that nobody, irrespective of religion, can differ, that’s why comparatively it is easy for all human beings to agree on this point. If we can gather all people on this point, it will be easy for all of us to achieve our goals in life in our own manner and by this way we can also save this world from being turned into a dreadful place to live in, because in this case if anyone is killed wrongfully, everyone will condemn this act in chorus and ultimately the killer will get due punishment and thereafter will be chary of trying to oppress others.        

At the same time if we want to live respectful lives, it is necessary for us to learn to respect others. As according to the accepted universal principle a man’s own honour lies in giving respect to other fellow human beings in accordance with their status. The maxim ‘give respect and take respect’ is known even by a common person and it is also the best formula to make this world a more congenial place. Leave alone friends, even you can win your enemy’s heart by giving him the respect he deserves as a human being. But unfortunately today human dignity is under attack and that is why this globe has changed into a place of conflict.

In this modern age, people not only consider it bravery to humiliate the opposite party, and they also they spread hatred on account of race, colour, religion, region and country. With this approach, every sensitive man knows the slogan of world peace is meaningless because it is a universal fact that flowers of love cannot grow on the thorny bushes of hatred. That is why we must understand on individual as well as collective levels that we cannot remain respectful while insulting others.

Though the people who attack humanity, from around the world, are followers of different religions but from east to west and from north to south only Muslims are being largely discredited and as a result Islam is blamed as the promoter of intolerance and extremism. No doubt it is a big issue of the present era. That is why it is the responsibility of Muslims to remove this misconception and tell the world practically and orally that—how can such a religion promote disrespect to others that has in its root the teaching of respecting others.

 Let’s ponder upon the verse 70 of Surah Isra in the Glorious Qur’an in which Allah (swt) says: “And We have certainly honored the children of Adam and carried them on the land and sea and provided for them of the good things and preferred them over much of what We have created, with (definite) preference.’ Rejecting Darwin’s false theory “Theory of Evolution” no one can doubt on the reality that all men who come into this world are descendants of Adam (as). Keeping this aspect in mind, it is proved from this verse of the Holy Qur’an that as the children of Adam (as) everyone deserves respect as human being.  

A sacred hadith of Prophet Muhammad (saws) helps us to understand this point more clearly. Thus, Hazrat Jabir (ra) reported that funeral of a Jew passed before the Prophet (saws). The Prophet (saws) stood up. We too stood up following him and then we asked, “Why did you stand up for a Jew’s funeral?” The Prophet Muhammad (saws) replied, “Is it not a human soul?”  (Sahih Bukhari) Now analyze the crystal clear fact that on one hand there are golden teachings of the Glorious Qur’an and prophets of Islam regarding human respect and dignity, and on the other hand, enemies of Islam blame Muslims that they do not respect their opponents. As a matter of fact those who do not act upon the beautiful teachings of Islam, they cannot be true Muslims and those who are true Muslims they cannot ignore these teachings. If this the case, how can anyone say that Muslims do not consider their opponents respectful?

After a deep study of the present situation, we came to the conclusion that most likely reasons behind proving Muslims anti-human and violent may be the following:

(1)Enemies of Islam want to show the world an awful picture of Muslims to stop the people from entering Islam, though they know very well that Islam’s foundation lies on the beautiful teaching of human respect.

(2)        Enemies of Islam want to present Muslims before the world as a violent and aggressive nation, that’s why now and then they play with Muslims’ emotion to see its impact upon them and as a result, occasionally, they succeed in their aim of portraying Muslims as violent and aggressive.

To sum up there are two strategies before Muslims to remain steadfast in the context of the current situation (1) acting fully upon the teachings of the Glorious Qur’an and Holy Hadith regarding human dignity and respect; they should place humanity on the vantage ground of honour and (2) using intellect they should not become victims of enemies’ conspiracy by reacting aggressively, and at the same time, they should also assure that no act of humiliation of any human will be committed by them.(Millat Times)

(The author is an assistant editor at Eastern Crescent, Mumbai)