NAJIB’s Mother calls for Unity and Education


By Millat Times

On 26th January JNU’s missing student Najeeb Ahmed  mother Nafees Fatima addressed  A massive national unity rally and said Muslim should be more conscious about their children’s education . She disclosed that my son was brutally beaten up in his room at university campus by 12 people  later  he was taken to the hospital by some of his friends from where he talked to me over phone to inform me about the incident ,I rushed to the hospital but i didn’t find him and since last three and half  month I am searching him ,she added. Nafees Fatima said that I am having full faith in Almighty and confident that my son is safe and one day he will come to me.

The purpose of the rally is promotion of communal harmony and united condemnation of organised attacks and murders of communal nature like that of engineer Mohsin Shaikh in Pune, Rohith Vemula at Hyderabad University and Najeeb Ahmed at JNU campus in Delhi by anti-national elements.

The rally was led by honourable  Justice B .G Kolse Patil, Mujtaba Farooque, Gangadhar Maharaj,Shaikh Subhan Ali and leaders of different religious communities attended the rally which  started at Tipu Sultan Chowk at 10 A.M and culminated in a public meeting at Zilla Parishad Ground.
Kolse patil stressed on unity in his key note and said now all the Muslims ,Maratha and Dalits should unite for their social cause. It is unfortunate that bright students like Rohit vemula and Najib Ahmed are being victimised, because anti social elements don’t want g them to grow and join mainstream,he added.
Key organiser of the rally Subhan Ali said that we should come forward against injustice and join the hands. We extend our full support to Najeeb’s mother and we will take this movement to state level and stage protest at each city Taluka and city of Maharashtra,he added.