By Imran Inamdar

Malegao ( Maharashtra)

It is a known to everybody that  medical profession is one of  the  most money making profession. People usually gossip about doctors fees and income and commercial attitude.
But It is unfair measuring all the doctors in the same scale.

This is the story of Malegao based ENT ( Ear Nose Throat) specialist Dr. Mohammed Shoeb Iqbal Ahmed who has made a special provisions to Imams and Mouzzans in his fee structure.He doesn’t charge consulting fees to them and give nearly 50 discounts in measure procedures.

Imams ( who lead to offer Namaz) And mouzzans ( who deliver  the Azan) are the deprived class of the muslim community .They hardly get 2000 to 3000 per month only.which is very very low in this period of inflation.In such low salary it is difficult to even run the family.

30 year old Dr.Shoeb spoke to and said,
One day A lady from poor class came to my OPD with her  daughter she was suffering from tonsillitis.
She required operative procedure,even minimum expenditure of the surgery  was  out of her capacity.He further said ,this made me feel very bad and  I decided to give heavy discount to poor patients for the sake of Allah and as part of service to Ummah of Prophet Muhammad (PBH).

Shoeb says, I chose Our religious leaders to serve ,as I know that one Imam will take seven people to Jannah( Heaven),he added.

Dr.Shoeb is running his own clinic named  ‘Al Aziz Hospital,Mirza Ghalib Road. Malegao.

It is notable that Malegao is a taluka place of Dist.Nasik and very famous for Muslim population .It has more than 350 masjids.

Imam of Abdullah ibne masud (RTA) Mukhtar Ahmed praised Dr.Shoeb for this
initiative and said Imams and mozzans are economically backward and lead life in very dire conditions. He said,treating such people is really a noble deed.Other Doctors and  professionals and should also take inspiration of him and start doing some thing for Ummah.

A city based Medical owner Nasir Husain commented that Dr.Shoeb could have chosen a big city for practice and earn lots of money but he is serving Malegao. He is giving free consultation to the our religious servants who come from most deprived class. May Allah accept his efforts and sacrifice, he added