Maratha scholars Welcome Muslims’ Participation in shiv jaynti celebrations

Maratha Scholar and fire brand speaker Shrimant Kokate welcome and lauded participation of Muslims in Maratha warrior Chhatrapati  Shivaji  birth anniversary celebrations.

On 19 February 387th  shiv Jayanti has been celebrated all over Maharashtra and other states with full zeal and enthusiasm. Since past four five years it has been observed that muslims from various cities are participating in Shiv jayanti with respect .In Solapur ,This year nearly one thousand Muslims including men, women, students and teachers attended the procession and paid their homage.

While speaking with shrimant Kokate said that involvement of Muslims community is really positive move. He said,It is clearly mention in the history that Chhatrapati Shivaji was a secular King .He always fought against his enemies not at all against any specific community or religion. He further informed that there were 31 personal body guards used to accompany   Ch.Shivaji everywhere 11 out of them were Muslims.

Kokate says, it is very unfortunate that after 1925 Some people have started tarnishing the history of this warrior badly . They people try to symbolize Maharaj as enemy of Muslims .The motive behind this unethical conduct is just to create unnecessary tension among Marathas and Muslims and get political benefits ,he added. We are brothers not enemies because fight of ch.shivaji was purely political .
Kokate said, Under the banners of Maratha Seva sangh ,Sambhaji Brigade,jijau Brigade and Chhatrapati Shivaji Muslim Brigade we are making efforts to bring out true History of King Shivaji to spread communal harmony.Importantly we are getting encouraging  response from Muslims brothers and sisters, He added.
Ex.president of Solapur Dist Maratha Seva sangh Ram Gaikwad praised  Muslims of Solapur for their support and aggressive participation in Shiv jayanti . He thanked  Farooque sheikh (President Chhatrapati Shivaji Muslim Brigade) and his entire team.He added that this move will surely help spread brother hood among country men. Gaikwad says, Ch.Shivaji dreamt of peaceful and progressed India.

Principal of SSA Urdu high school and Junior college spoke to millattimes,com and said I am also a part of procession along with my 300 students 23 colleagues. He said ,Now we came to know from true history of Maratha king
Shivaji that there were 35% of his soldiers were muslims .Chief of Navy was Noor khan Beig , Dault Khan ,Siddhi Hilal etc were on important posts.He said wherever Maharaj go he always used to respect Masjids and Quran.This is reason we are attending the birth anniversary programmes of Maharaj along with students in costumes of his Muslim soldiers  .

Activists  of political parties and NGOs Samiullah Shaikh,Mateen Bagwan, sayed Irfan (sir),  Shafi Captain,Sayed Gufran and others were present.

President of Chhatrapati shivaji Muslim Brigade Farooque sheikh thanked all for their support and said , we are also part of the country and we should not forget contribution of great leaders of our state and country.