Protesters Throw away Tariq Fateh from Jashn-e-Rekhta

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New Delhi

In a recent incident a controversial Pakistani personality Tariq Fatah had to leave the hall after strong public protest in Urdu Festival Jashn-e-Rekhta.

On sunday  “ JASHN-E- REKHTA “ function had been organized at Indira Gandhi National Auditorium for Art and Culture  wherein Tariq Fateh was spotted roaming near the entrance area one of delegate tried to stop him from entering the hall but Tariq Fateh turned violent by saying your are the dogs of Aurangzeb you can’t stop me.
After his bad words young people started shouting slogans against Fatah “Your are agent of Pakistan, your are  unreliable person, Your are enemy of our India ,will not allow you enter the hall”.
Some protester showed their shoes to him. This protest caused disturbance in the Festival .

Slowly the atmosphere became heated and number of protester started  increasing. All want fateh to go back .But inspite of forceful efforts and objections  Tariq was not ready to leave . Protesters called Sanjeev Saraf   organizer of ‘ Rekhta ‘and questioned him that why he has invited such controversial person . Sanjeev replied that we have not all invited him, I don’t know how and why  he came here.

During the Drama Police arrived to control the situation But Fateh was not ready to leave the place and started arguing with the police too by giving them bad words .After lengthy  efforts police managed to take him out of the auditorium and saved him from anger of the demonstrators.
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