Students perform well in Drama Mushayra

By Imran Inamdar

Solapur ( Maharashtra)
As a part of Urdu Day celebration ,on 25 Feb. Bazme Ghalib has organised Tamsili Mushayra for students. Total 21 High school & primary Student from different schools took part  and registered wonderful performance.

The activity was organised at Nirmal Kumar phadkule hall which received overwhelming response from Urdu lovers.

Students represented  great poets like Mirza ghalib,Hasrat Mohani,Josh Malih Abadi ,Lata Gaya,Ubaid Azam and Imran Pratapghari etc. and recited their poetry in their style.

Participating Students from social primary school Yesa Asif Iqbal ,Tanveer Raza Noor Alam,Shayeesta Noor Alam  from Qamrunnisa girls school etc., were appreciated by the audience a lot.

Convenor of the  Mushayra Asif Iqbal informed Millattimes.Com that this kind of activity has been conducted in the solapur city for the first time and its success is beyond our expectations. We must thanks Adv.UN Beria ,President of Bazme Ghalib Basheer Parwaz and Ashfaq Satkhed.

Eminent poet Siraj solapuri commented that ,tamsili Mushayra is an activity which attracts new generation audience. He said , It is good platform to discuss social issues and create awareness.