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On Saturday  Aurangabad legislature of All India Majlis Ittihadul  Muslimeen  met Maharashtra chief Minister Devendra Fadnavis  and Minister Vijay Deshmukh  to demand  fair probe in Toufiq shaikh’s MPDA act case.

A popular party face of the  state  Toufiq Shaikh ( Solapur)  has been exiled on 20 march for  11 months by the police under MPDA  (Maharashtra prevention of Dangerous Activities Act) act and put him behind bars.

Press note issued by the Police Commissioner office on 20/3/17  said , Toufiq Ismail sheikh alias Pahelwan age-47 is a slum area offender   and involved in various anti social activities , to bring his illegal acts to an end  he has been deported from city.

Speaking with Imtiyaz Jaleel expressed disappointment  over this matter and said, this is politically motivated  move ,the cases which have been made ground of the exile  were 10 years old. Our emerging  leader is being targeted .

He further informed  that, I made my stand clear before the chief Minister that , if our party man ( Toufiq )  is really found guilty or involve in any heinous crime  or anti social activities then we will not support him and part our way .

It is notable that Toufiq has been a congress leader and won the municipal election on its ticket too.

In 2014 he resigned from congress and  contested Assembly election on AIMIM ticket against congress party candidate Praniti shinde (Daughter of former Union Minister Sushil Kumar Shinde)  from Solapur (Central) where Population of muslims is nearly 34%.

Toufiq couldn’t register win but given tough fight and stood on second place by bagging 37000 votes.

In  recent Municipal   elections   Solapur AIMIM had given excellent performance under the leadership of Toufiq Shaikh and pleased the party ‘s top leaders .

It had fielded 32 candidates, out of  them  9  registered  win and  5  candidate lost with difference of  only  90 to 200 votes .

This  success of MIM  caused huge loss to Indian national congress party,  it has managed to win only 14 seats out of 102 and lost the  opportunity of forming  govt. In Solapur Municipality .