By  Imran Inamdar & Sayed Gufran

Solapur ( Maharashtra)

In an attempt to infuse religious values among students ,city unit of Jamiyatul Ulema Hind had  organised Azan Competition in coordination with Social Urdu primary school ,on Sunday.

Competition has received overwhelming response as many as 250 students from various Madrasa, Primary and High schools participated in it.

The competition was started at 9 am at social high school premises in presence of Moulana Ibrahim, Mufti Gous and eminent doctors of city Dr.Ilyas and Dr.Amjad Sayed.

Participants were divided into three groups Primary ,high school and Maktab respectively.

In primary group
A.Rahman Shaikh (Progressive school) won first place.
Maktab group Abubakar Shaikh bagged first place.
In high school.
Tahir Shaikh ( Progressive high school) won first position.

Co ordinator of event A.Jabbar Shaikh said that at primary and high school level various culture and sports  activities are  being conducted .But religious activities like Azan competition is much needful to infuse Islamic values among students at early age.

Convenor Asif Iqbal informed that we  are conducting this competition  since last three years.We just want our students to be active in religious activities as well. He further said,Mozzan does his duty , but When a child perform Azan in his area Masjid ,it increases his attachment towards Masjid and Allah and keep him away from other character damaging practices