Latur AIMIM on backfoot –  1500 workers left the party over expulsion of city President

By Imran Inamdar

Latur (  Maharashtra):-
On Sunday nearly 1500 AIMIM activists from the all over the Latur District  gathered here to lodged their protest against the decision of  expulsion  of latur city president Shafiq Shaikh.

During protest crowd shouted slogans against AIMIM supremo Asaduddin  Owaisi , his  brother Akbaruddin Owaisi  and Aurangabad MLA Imtiyaz Jaleel.

All the activists collectively made an announcement of  leaving  the party ahead of municipal poles Which is scheduled to be held next month.

Shafiq showed anger during conversation with Millattimes. Com  and said, I worked devotedly for the party and activated more than hundred branches in the Dist.and enrolled thousands of activists. He further said ,I worked from my heart and true spirit. But  MIM has ditched me. He allegedly said that this is corrupt political party, before election leadership considers only rich people and sidelines loyal and senior workers like tissue papers.

Speaking with Millattimes. Com State core committee member Mohammed Ali Shaikh expressed huge disappointment over the decision .He said that  Shafiq shaikh has been a loyal activist of the party since last 5 years ,He worked very hard to strengthen the party in the District. Using an activist for five years and kicking him out just a month before election that too without solid reasons totally is unfair . He  added that I have sent my resignation letter to party National President Asaduddin owaisi Via Email.

Party Legislature Imtiyaz Jaleel expressed serious concern  on this entire political drama .He said , I don’t  interfere  in Latur matters, then why people shouted slogans against me,I don’t know .He further said,some of my party men are trying to tarnish my and party’s  image.It is an inside job,he added.

Asad owaisi’s party is spreading its wing in the state rapidly .It has already managed to win more than hundred seats in civic bodies of various cities And it already has two MLAs from Aurangabad and Byculla (Mumbai).

It is notable that MIM faced  allegations over the ticket distribution process during municipal poles of  Thane and Beed as well.

Last month party’s two Thane Dist. committee members  ,known social workers of Mumbra town and diehard fans of Asad Owaisi , Prof.Hasan Mulani and Zamir Surme resigned from the party  against candidate selection process.  They opened war of messages against the party by posting anti MIM messages on social media during the election period last month .They further joined Nationalist Congress and  contested  the pole on its tickets.