Six year old girl excels at state level elocution competition

By Imran Inamdar

Pune :- Sariya   Nagure ,student of Ayesha Sarwar primary school,Solapur excelled at state level elocution competition held by Abdul wahid Molledina group of school Pune recently.

In the said  competition Sariya has won the special prize of “Best Youngest speaker ” Topic of her speech was “Bap Jannat Darwazo me se  ke Beech ka Darwaza ( Father, one of the door to heaven) .She performed absolutely well and deliver her speech in very impressive manner.

Guide and teacher of Sariya ,Faheem Husain Batghar lauded her talent and said,She is really an intelligent girl.This six year old girl has memorised five minute speech in very limited time.She has tremendous self confidence, added Fahim.

Chairman of the school Abdul Basheer Shaikh, Head Mistress Anjum Ara Aksapure
,staffers Rashida Banu Shaikh, Mohammed Kalim Batghar  congratulated the winning  student.