By Imran Inamdar

Ahmed Nagar(Maharashtra)
It is very acknowledged that Video visual  aids play key role in  learning process. Educational videos have been grasped  quickly and efficiently  than  teachers’ words  by the child.

Now a days digitalization of schools is increasing rapidly. Private school and the government is also promoting the E-learning classes and tab school to make class room child friendly ,fruitful teaching and meet the demand of  I T friendly generation.

Kousar banu Nadir Khan a Zilla Parishad primary school teacher is extending voluntary services to Urdu schools of Maharashtra state by providing Educational Videos for Urdu primary students  to promote  digital education or E-learning classes.

Kousar Banu’s qualification is SSC D.Ed  she has no specific degree in computers or videography ,the spirit to work for the community and mother tongue Urdu  pushed her to work on it.She  frequently makes videos for primary school students like tables, alphabets,rhyming words, two or three letter words , names animals etc.

42 year old lady teacher  is popularly known as Kousar Baji (elder sister) in the teaching circle of the state who at least makes one educational video in a week and post to the teachers group as part of service to Urdu school and introduce  them with the digital world of education.

She has made nearly 325 educational videos till now.  Speaking with Millattimes.com she said , I am doing it increase children’s interest in learning and to higher the level of Urdu schools.
Kousar is currently posted at  Zilla parishad School , Khamgao Tal.Shegao Dist. Ahmed Nagar of Maharashtra.

Head Master of the same  school Zakir Ahmed   lauded the initiative of Kousar and commented that we are getting very good result with the help these videos,  it is really orientating  and it  has increased the class room interest of the students  and attendance too, he added further.

Sadiya Dandoti from Z.P Urdu primary school teacher from Solapur  said , kousar Baji’s educational videos are helping us to make our teaching effective. My students show great interest in watching these videos . she further said ,In fast students wait for the next videos and remind us frequently.