By Imran Inamdar

SUNO AMMI SUNO ABBU MERI ZIDD MAAN JAO NA –MUJHE URDU PADAHO NA ,MUJHE PADHAO NA  (A child is requesting his parents to choose Urdu language for education )

This is Urdu language promotional song which is  written by Asif Iqbal  A Urdu school Head Master and sung by Mudassar Altaf beautifully and sweetly.

As soon as it launches  and uploaded to YouTube on 30 March its viewership cross 3 thousand mark within 24 hours and the poet started receiving dozens  of calls of appreciations from all over Maharashtra.

Although, it has received a huge success but it is also leaving behind some questions in the mind of the Urdu  lovers that why the need arised to write a promotional song and make an emotional appeal to parents ? Is it highlighting the decreasing strength of students in Urdu schools? It  is provoking them to discuss the issue ,putting question marks on Urdu’s survival??

Through this song 35 years old poet Asif Iqbal is making an touching request to the people to keep their mother tongue alive by educating their children through Urdu medium, and he also tried to highlight the importance of taking education in Mother tongue and role of  Urdu Language in the Indian History and its sweetness.

It is very known that Maharashtra state has a measure role in promoting Urdu language through schools . There are thousands of Govt. And Aided  primary, high schools and junior colleges ( Higher secondary )  functioning in Mumbai,Pune,Thane ,Raigad,Ratnagiri ,Nagpur, Solapur ,Latur, Osmanabad etc. Districts of the  state which imparts education through Urdu medium  In which lakhs of students are studying .

It is also notable that thousands of students of these Urdu medium school have excelled and proving themselves in Information Technology, Medical field,corporate sectors ,Engineering and Govt. Departments and various sectors.

Millattimes.com approached  poet and Head Master of Social Urdu Primary School,Solapur Asif Iqbal with the question that why did u feel the need of  writing such a promotional Song ,
He replies that ,it is very sorry to say that parents are attracting towards glamorous and costly English schools .They don’t aware about importance of  Primary education in mother tongue .He said , there is no need to choose English to make Your child something special ,he further gave example of Iran and said, Iranians have adopted their mother tongue Persian only for educational purpose and they are registering their presence in all the sects of technology at International level. We too can achieve any thing  by adopting our mother tongue Urdu,Asif added further.

A young Urdu teacher Eijaz Manzoor Alam jumped in this debate and said After globalization Convent schools have successfully marketed their firms and attracted parents by implementing various methods and working hard but our Urdu schools couldn’t do so.
He further said after fifth pay commission teaching has become hot salary job it resulted the entry of   unsuitable candidates in the teaching field.It is reality that Urdu schools have given master Doctors ,Engineers, Managers ,journalists but it is a bitter fact that their children are not studying in Urdu schools , now the time has come for Urdu lovers  to think ,discuss and do practical measure for the sake of mother tongue,added Eijaz.

A Mumbai based master doctor commented on level of Urdu schools and said on maintaining the anonymity of name that, I have been a Urdu medium student and I love my mother tongue but today’s Urdu schools are not capable enough to teach children discipline, reasoning, methodical thinking .They have no proper infrastructure and project based learning.He further  shared that  today’s world is fast growing ,children should be smart enough to adjust with other community people and their culture and language. I have done a lot of research before admitting my kids in English school, If any body recommends such a high quality and smart Urdu school I am  ready to admit my children in that school,he openly challenged further.