Nanded- Muslim boys of Happy club set up a wonderful example of service to humanity

By Imran Inamdar


It is a blunder of  big percentage of  Indian Muslim that they  restrict their charity and voluntary work around Masjids and Madrasas  only . Surprisingly they forget “Huququl Ibad”( Responsibilities towards Humans ) and other fields of charity and social work.

In an attempt to  serve  humanity  Nanded  based NGO “Happy club ”has set up a wonderful example before  Muslim community by providing shoes (Chappals) to beggars or needy who roam bare footed , without considering their cast and creed.   

Founder President of the said Club Mohammed shoeb(Nanded) spoke to and said that we are carrying out these activities since last two years in Aurangabad , Parbhani and Nanded districts of Maharshtra state .We have nearly 300 hundred volunteers including college students . This summer  is really very hot . Temperature is touching 40 or more degrees . We see hundreds of beggars in our area some people feed them. But shoes are also a necessity .whenever we get information about any bare footed person ,our volunteer reach the spot within minutes and gives shoes to him or her as a safety cover to legs.Alhmadullilah we have provided shoes to 200 needy till now, added further.

Shoeb further said ,we started our social service by conducting blood donation camps in the above districts. Till we have managed to provide 1200 packets of blood and made 1800  packets available to needy people, he added.

Informing about funds shoeb said, we don’t go door to door to collect funds , our team members donate their sadqa (Voluntary charity)  or Zakat (compulsory charity) to meet expenditure of the purchase.

Aurangabad president Fayaz Shaikh shared his views with this newsportal and said,we are doing this for the sake of Allah ,service to humanity and spread Hindu Muslim brotherhood. We have provided nearly 75 pairs of shoes this year to people who live on foot path after getting calls from others.

He further said, few years back I faced problems and harassment to manage blood for my relative who was battling for life. This made me think of others who have no source and reach.

He said that I started conducting blood donation camps and Alahamdullilah number of deprived people are getting benefits.

He further thanked his young club members and two girl volunteers who are always ready to extend their services.

Mufti Aneesur Rahman  President of  safa baitul Mall Committee, Aurangabad lauded this service to man and said ,these boys are following path of Prophet Mohammed (PBH) . He said, whenever a Muslim do any  good work , his priority  should be humanity first as the great soul Prophet Mohammed (PBH) did without considering cast of the beneficiaries, he added further.