By Imran Inamdar

Osmanabad (Maharashtra)
With the intention to curb unnecessary expenditure   on marriages and help the needy families  an Osmanabad city based NGO  Hazrat Khaja Shamshuddin Gazi welfare trust conducts mass marriages every year.

Since last seven years above trust is conducting it and they have tied the knot of 415 couples successfully .

Chairman of the said NGO Nadir husaini said that we the Muslim are economically backward and spends too much on marriages  by lending money .It is really shameful that we don’t follow the Sunnah of Prophet Muhammad PBH. He  informed that in 2009 some like minded people decided to work on this issue and managed to conduct the mass marriage of 25 couples. After huge success and  getting financial help from community people we increased the number .with the co operation of retired teachers group ,my colleagues Baba Mujawar,Shaikh Abid,Wajid Pathan,Jameel Shaikh and 800 young volunteers, Alhamdullilah now we are able to arrange 51 marriages every year,he added.

Atique shaikh eminent social worker and politician of the city  praised the efforts and said, they people collect only 2500/- from bride’s and bride groom’s family and provide house hold furniture and kitchen utensils of nearly 25000/- .Its a great service and need of the hour,added Atique.