SDPI’s socio-political forum urges to unite against the politics of terror

New Delhi 

Millat Times/ Mohd Qaisar Siddiqui

Social Democratic Party of India (SDPI) launched a nationwide campaign with the slogan “Unite against the Politics of Terror” at Bangalore and vowed to create awareness about various anti-people and anti-constitutional moves by the present dispensation aiming at political benefits at the behest of the peace and harmony in the society. The month long campaign’s conclusion program PEOPLE’S PROTEST has been conducted on April 29, 2017 at Jantar Mantar, New Delhi which has been attended by a massive audience and addressed by prominent activists and socio-political leaders.

Gathering in the People’sProtest at Jantar Mantar

General Secretary Elyas Thumbe welcomed the guests and slammed the Prime Minister Modi for his inaction over cow vigilantes on innocent poor Muslims and Dalits on the pretext of cow protection. He termed Gau Rakshaks as ‘Gau Raakshas’ (Cow Daemons) who are brutally murdering human beings in the name of cows.

SDPI Vice President Adv. Sharfuddin in his address said, “It’s time to face the challenges being posed by the fascist dispensation at the Center and there is a need to come forward for sacrifice in the interest of harmony and integrity of the country. Anarchy is unrestrained everywhere since the BJP’s takeover of the throne in New Delhi.”

SDI President A Sayeed addressing the gathering in the People’s Protest at Jantar Mantar

Sharfuddin slammed the Modi-led NDA government for rampant communal violence across the country. Party vice president came down on police system who further victimize the victims by filing FIRs against them rather than initiating action against the perpetrators of violence.

Sharfuddin criticized Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh for supporting the divide and rule formula of British during the freedom movement, said for Muslims, India is home and secularism is principle.

Popular Front of India Chairman E Abubacker in his address to the audience said, “PM Modi and the Sangh Parivar, who had played no role in our freedom movement have become ‘Desh Premis’ and Kejriwal and other minority leaders who raise voice against the anti-people and anti-constitutional moves of Sangh Parivar become Deshdrohis.”

SDPI National President A Sayeed in his address to gathering at Jantar Mantar, charged that the country is in the hands of narrow minded people. Looking at the fear and insecurity spread everywhere due to one or the other unwarranted communal incidents in different part of the country, it seems the rule of law is silent against the perpetrators of violence in the name of culture, belief, cow slaughter, etc.

Talking about people’s constitutional responsibilities of people, Sayeed urged, “People have to realize that politics is not confined just to the exercise of voting power in election, rather they have to adopt democratic activities and protect their rights.”
Navaid Hamid, president at All India Muslim Majlis-e-Mushawarat said, “Efforts are being exerted to crush the democracy and undermine secularism by the present dispensation led by Sangh Parivar. We all have to join hands and come together if at all we want to save our country.”

Senior Congress leader Manishankar Iyer said, “Justice is everyone’s right and the minorities here are not being given the justice they deserve. What we see here is that, though being of the same nationality, Mohan Bhagwat is on the wrong way and we are in the right path. The call for unity should be attended to by all in the interest of our country.”

Republican Party of India (RPI) convener Ashok Bharti said, “We Dalits are not in confusion and are in belief that the present era is of fascism and we all need to unite to restore the democracy in our country.”

Lokraj Sangathan President Srinivasan Raghavan said, “The fascists assault is not just on a particular community but the entire country. We all should believe in Ek Par Hamla; Sab Par Hamla (An attack on one is attack on all) and should gear up to face the challenges of fascism and defeat it politically.”

Some of the other prominent dignitaries who participated in the event are JDU leader KC Tyagi, Former Chairman Delhi Minority Commission Kamal Faruqui, Ambedkar Samaj Party’s President Tej Singh, NCHRO President Prof. P Koya, Campus Front President Shueb, Dr. Zafarul Islam Khan, Veteran Legal Activist Adv. Ashok Agarwal, Kavita Krishnan, Dr. Anees Ahmed, Tarique Saddiqui, Tasleem Rehmani, A.C Michael, Fr. John Dayal, Activist R.P Pandey, social activist Ravi Nair, renowned poet Anwar Faridi, Veteran Journalist Anil Sinha, Supreme Advocate ND Pancholi and others.