Lecture series on Allma Iqbal’s “Concept of Patriotism ” held

Event having national level significance received very poor response that too  in the Solapur city which is famous for Urdu high schools,Urdu teachers ,Poets and Muslim  NGOs.

By Imran Inamdar

Solapur ( Maharashtra)

A young  historian Sarfarz shaikh emphasised  that Dr. Allama Iqbal was a true patriot and he was the only poet who had represented  the true sense of patriotism to all his countrymen through his poetry.

Yet another step towards understanding Iqbal  On Sunday khadimane Urdu forum had organized lecturer series  On ” Iqbal’s concept of motherland “at Samaj kalyan kendr .

Addressing the gathering  Sarfraz said, it is very unfortunate that Iqbal has become popular and accepted as a poet only. He has been a good social worker, politician and great Islamic scholar and a  person with vision and mission .Iqbal always tried to represent a progressive thinking through his literary work.

He said,during freedom movement madrasas  used to criticise Iqbal for his social and religious approach but now they have also started conducting research on his life and literary work.

Sharing information about National Song SAARE JAHAN SE ACHA  Sarfraz said that , it represents the true love towards motherland and lauds its people,but this was sidelined and Tagor’s song approved as National anthem which was specially written to welcome  British King in 1920 .

Anees Chishti a renowned scholar from Pune also spoke on the topic and said, loving motherland is a part of our religion Islam .Every body knows that during migration from Makkah to Madina our Prophet Muhammad ( PBH) was very upset and he was crying.chishti further said, Iqbal was the only muslim scholar who defined patriotism and Islamic teachings  in a very clear and impressive way.

It was very shameful to say the Urdu lovers and self declared muslim scholars have given jolt of unpleasant surprise to the organisers by missing such a thought provoking and orientation program.

President of  Khadiman Urdu forum Viqar Shaikh told Millattimes.com that, we had invited thousands of people  by using all the means but this was not an entertaining event. Usually people don’t take such sensitive topics  seriously ,he further said,we are not disappointed  and we will keep moving on .

The function was presided by Basheer Jahagirdar .Members of the forum Shafi Chobdar,Mahmud Nawaz  and other guests Moulana Ibrahim ,Adv.Mahboob kotimbre,Irfan SM ,AM Aleem were also present.