By Asif Husain

We all knew about communal politics but now we have cow politics in the forefront .Though cow politics is just  a sub-category of communal politics it has been used effectively .

Cow politics has an additional emotional appeal and has easily  got acceptance in the society because of the religious sanction of sacredness attributed to the cow. But we have numerous documented facts of cow being consumed by the vedic people.

Swami Vivekananda’s statement during his US tour also gives credence to this historical fact.The impact of the jingoism around the cow  is very fearful as it is unfolding in India. Cow politics has made an  animal of a human. The number of attacks and lynching on mere suspicion ( and even if it is true that one ate beef  it surely is not a crime even according to VEDIC scriptures) shows how deep the poison has been injected into the minds of the ignorant.

It shows how this poison of  communalism by using bias,prejudice,lies,hate,suspicion and rumours has made man behave like a beast. Hate , jealousy, bias, suspicion, doubt, malice, pride,anger, greed, arrogance and boastfulness are all diseases of the heart. What the communal forces have managed to do is spread the virus that corrupts the heart and filled it with all the above diseases of the heart.

The result is that the heart is empty of qualities like compassion,kindness,love,respect,trust, brotherhood,patience,humility.
Cowherd is one who takes care of the cows or tends to the needs of the cows. The new India cow vigilante era  has seen  the barbaric nature of the cow vigilante  bakhts. It is indeed surprising to see the bakhts of a very mild  and docile animal  like the cow acting like a hyena and lynching humans in packs.

The cow  vigilante bakhts seem to be pre-occupied with not cow protection ,not with serving and tending to the cow ,not even with sheltering them and  collecting the cow dung and urine for its overstated  usefulness but with lynching alone.

These cowherd’s are no where to be seen collecting the dung in front  of municipal market shops or tending to the sick and injured cow or even sheltering and feeding them.It is easy to sing the praises of the dung but difficult to collect it from the market  and streets for its great benefits according to their own understanding.

The number of shelters  and vetinary facilities provided by these pseudo cowherd’s  needs to be verified to confirm their love for the cow.

Surprisingly none of these pseudo cowherd’s have thought it fit to attack and lynch  the owners and staff of the 6  or 7  major hindu and jain  owned  beef exporting factories.  I am surely not instigating but just asking why the poor  easy soul only to lynch.
The present day pseudo cowherd can be better understood by the word coward. The word coward suits them  more appropriately.

They lack the courage to accept their faults,lack the courage to face the logical arguments ,lack the courage to accept the truth that they have faltered big time in addressing the issue and method adopted for cow protection and failed to prove their love for the cow.

How  can  killing a human  be justified by the pseudo cowherd’s ?
Their case does not stand against reason, established facts and even bear  minimum human consciousness and awareness!
The reservoir and pipelines supplying unlimited  hate and prejudice needs to be plugged  to survive this flawed  vigilante  awakening.