Being from a conservative Community

By: Sayeda Gousiya Quadri 

Well we Muslims are often considered as a conservative community. What is the liberal  meaning of “to be conservative” or “Conservative”? It literally means  To conserve or to be conserved or protected or unchanged, being a women I won’t call it an old fashioned but instead would say that it’s a beautiful stance over to save  the threads of modesty and chastity through ethical and moral values. Yes I am blessed to be called as one from conservative community but my thoughts are liberal as my religion doesn’t bound me  to not to think liberally. 

We are never forced onto anything. No one is forced to do anything that which heart does not permit. If this is so! then is it old fashioned ? Will it be called as a conservative in an unchanged perspective meaning ? Well off course not. Any logical thinker would say that this is a liberal and free societal meaning and not conservativeness. So “conservative” is a deep meaning word in itself – at one hand it is about protection and on the other hand it is about freedom. 

Being a women from conservative community – as we are labeled , I am very honest to say that we are as free and liberal as any other women, Islam never forced us in any way, we have equal rights as men’s .It’s only about how well we have understood Islam, if we think we are oppressed, I cannot deny the fact that some of us haven’t given a heed to ponder over the teachings of islam properly, if we have then we would never suffer and would always be satisfied Wallahi. 

This is my humble request to all my fellow humans that we the people who follow and practise Islam are conservative which means free, liberal and most of all protected to protect others. We are taught to be patient ,humble, generous, kind, and most importantly to be with peace. There is no place for force, oppression, evil desires, lie, arrogance, proudness, ego and everything that describes negative vibes or negativity. 

A practising Muslim will never be judgemental , would refrain from backbiting, quarrelling , using abusive or harsh language, if following these things makes one a conservative then I must say that it’s good to be one.

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