Why do leading global powers commit appalling silence on massacre and mass exodus of Rohingya community?, asks Mufti Anwar Ali

By Hassan Anwar
“While inhuman crimes against Rohingyas in Myanmar have shaken ground roots globally, major world powers are not still give two hoots towards what Muslims are facing there in genocide-hit Myanmar.” These views were expressed by noted scholar Mufti Anwar Ali on the occasion of a peaceful protest and prayer meeting which was held here in Khiri Bagh, Maunath Bhanjan of eastern UP.
In his key address, sternly condemning violence and massacre against Muslims in Myanmar, he asked all Muslims countries to intervene immediately to stop violence and provide Rohingya Muslims with all possible protections. It is not first time when Muslims in Rohingya are being massacred. Earlier too, they have been targeted several times. No voice, however, is being raised through all over the world to stop violence and massacres against Rohingyas, added Mufti Anwar Ali.

Maulana Khursheed Ahmad Miftahi spoke, “Inhuman crimes against Rohingya community can no longer be tolerated.” He added that despite Buddhists, who enjoy majority there, believe in non-violence, they are with no mercy bloodshedding innocent people. Seeking the President of India to cut diplomatic ties with Myanmar, he requested him to let refugees survive in India as long as circumstances get normal there in Myanmar.

Maulana Mohammad Farooque said Muslims in Myanmar are originally from India whom English people made inhabited there.
Ex-Chairman Mohammad Tayyab Palki said America, which claims to support ‘so-called’ humanity and democracy across the planet, has not yet dared to utter even a single word against inhuman crimes. A strong voice is still no where raised against violence, mass exodus and genocide, and in support of oppressed and dispossessed of Rohingya inhabitants. He also sought the government of India to take step for Rohingya victims.
Ex-chairman Arshad Jamal told the victims’ ancestors were populated by the than English government but they were deprived of citizenship. He also told our PM recently payed a visit there. However, he committed silence on oppression while Hindus are also among the oppressed people.

While talking about Muslims’ history in Myanmar, the Congress leader Khalid Ansari said they got entrance there since seventh century. The than English government had populated Bengali Muslims there after Myanmar got its independence on January 4, 1948. Unfortunately, they haven’t been given citizenship.
Maulana Ahmadullah Qasmi said oppression has reached its zenith in Myanmar. Foetus are slaughtered after taking out from the abdomen of pregnant ladies. Being tied in tress, women are burnt.
Maulana Noman Anwar, the convener of the meeting stated Rohingya community face widespread persecution in Buddhist-majority country where recent violence has driven hundreds of thousands to seek refuge overseas mostly in Bangladesh. He asked the government of India to provide the refugees with necessary aids.
The meeting was also delivered by Maulana Afzal Ahmad Qasmi, Molvi Abdullah Nomani and others.
At last, Asad Nomani read out a 4-point memorandum in front of audience and they all raised hands to support it. It demands; while utilizing its influence, the government of India should try to stop massacre of Muslims there in Myanmar. For, the country, since ancient times, has been opposing any kind of oppression against humanity anywhere in the world. Refugees should be provided with daily necessities of food, water, medicine, education etc here in India unless peace and security would be maintained and circumstances in Myanmar would be normal. After victims are back there, it must be ensured under the patronage of the United Nations to provide them with necessary security and protection. The government of India should help them to get citizenship. The peaceful protest and prayer meeting was concluded by Qari Masiurrahman when he prayed for Rohingya community. Then, this memorandum was handed over to the District Magistrate by Khursheed Miftahi-led Jamiat delegation comprising Mohammad Aazam, Anzar Kamal, Asad Nomani and Afzal Ahmad.