EVM paradoxes and conspiracies rediscovered in UP Local Body Election now

New Delhi, 03December 2017

Local body election in Uttar Pradesh now reveals a clear picture that how EVM is untrustworthy, vulnerable and fraudulent. BJP gainedin the election in places only where EVM system was adapted. Whereas in places where ballot paper system was used BJP has lost miserably,this reveals the shadow of booth rigging and manipulation said A. Sayeed, SDPI national president.

Sayeed said that it’s a hard fact that, previously, several political parties including SDPI have raised objections and complaints against EVM and insisted the Election Commission to go for Ballot Paper system. In spite of continuous objections from the political parties and public, the Election Commission has coercively imposed EVM in elections in U.P which is now unarguably proved to be rigged and conspired. Hence, EC has to beg pardon from the people of entire nation immediately for its negligence, arrogance and hypocrisy.

Sayeed reiterated that SDPI and other parties have earlier in several times urged the EC to withdraw EVM and to go for ballet paper system. All developed countries have dumped EVM system due to its high and easy vulnerability of rigging, hacking, misuse and manipulation. There are reports of several instances that when voters press the buttons of any non BJP symbols, light blinks on ‘lotus symbol’ and votes went to BJP. In Madhya Pradesh,such a thing was witnessed in the presence of state election commissioner itself. Despite all these odds, paradoxes and malpractices the EC categorically and arrogantly neglected it and imposed in the elections which is unpardonable. This time in U.P this arrogance revealed how EC is the puppet of ruling BJP and part of malpractices.

Sayeed asserted, BJP’s melodrama to end democracy through rigging elections through EVM forcefully and EC’s role playing to the tune of conspiracy is nothing but criminal acts of sedition and utter disloyalty to the nation. He said, BJP and EC should be brought to book for such a betrayal and a massive mischief.