Goa-National Urdu School celebrates Goa Liberation Day

MT News Network
Valpoi:- On the occasion of 56th anniversary of Goa’s liberation on 19 December National Urdu High &Primary schools ,Valpoi have conducted various programmes.
Flag hoisting ceremony was held at 8.00 at the hands of eminent politician   Akhtar Ali  Shah  .It was attended by all the students and staff members of the schools.
After flag hoisting All the students took part in the cultural floats,integration songs and procession.
Chief guest Akhtar Shah addressed the students and adviced that they should keep themselves away from using mobiles and social media.He further said it is just a waste of time students should prefer outdoor activities instead of seating at home using mobiles.
Head Master of the school Hafiz Sharafat Husain also congratulated students on this special Day.He said that annual exam is fast approaching now the time has come to study and complete assignments .
Goa was under the Portuguese rule for nearly 500 years  and it was liberated in 1961.