Goa-Preparation of Children’s Book Fair is in full swing 

By Imran Inamdar
Goa:- Initaiative of Board of Innovative Education Goa children’s Book Fair named “Taare Zamin Par” is full swing these days .Three day mega event is scheduled to be held from 24 to 26 December at A.Estrela Santa Cruz Near Niyaz Hotel ,Merces.
Books on Islam,Quran,Life of Prophets,Life of Prophet Mohammed(SAW),Life of Sahara,Academics,Science,History,Literature,Language,Plants,Space,General Knowledge,Biographies,Dictionaries,Sports and Helath will be made available .
Apart from sale and exhibition of the books competitions like Comprehension and narration,Poetry,Book reading ,story telling etc are going to be conducted for school children at the venue
 Members of Board of innovative Education are visiting all the Muslim institutions of the state  to attract more and more students and parents.
 As a part of publicity campaign on Tuesday Sr.Member Prof.Sayed Abdullah visited National High School and Unity High School Valpoi.
In his Power point presentation Prof Abdullah explained importance of reading books and  educational status of Muslims.He informed students and teachers about the progress achieved by the western countries  through education. He said that Iqra (read)is the first word which Allah conveyed through Quran to us.
In the ancient period Muslim scientists and scholars had done fantastic job in the field of science and education,But we are failed to carry this success.Education ,research and reading are the keys to excel . ,Sayed added further.
Head Master of the National H/S Hafiz Sharafat Husain welcomed this Book Fair TZP.He said that this initiative will help us to increase reading habbit among our students.
Head Master of the Unity H/S Ashraf Khan commented that this is a good initiative being taken up by the Board of innovative education in developing the reading habits of the children , as many children now a days are getting  deviated themselves from reading books due to their increasing interest in watching television,and in making  excessive use of  mobile phones  .He said that the reading habits will definitely prevent the children from the symptoms of  impaired concentration and memory.