Solapur Muslims sideline Dr.Sajid’s  high status CMS exam excellence

By Imran Inamdar
Solapur Maharshtra
Giving recognition to achievers and inviting  them to share their journey before youths are the key factors which leaves great impacts .It also improves one’s performance and brings him closer .
But above things found  missing among  Solapur city’s so called Non governmental organisations and social workers as they have  failed to recognise the huge success of Dr.Sajid who has cracked  combined medical services examinations which was held in 2017.
Only MBBS Doctors are eligible to appear for the said exam which is conducted by the Union Public service commission every year.It is equalant  to civil services exams and has same rank.
24 year old Dr. Mohammed Sajid Abdul Samad has secured  seventh rank among eight lakh candidates and made his city and community proud.
Speaking with Dr.Sajid didn’t speak much but expressed that if I got opportunity  would surely have guided our students .Replying to a question about felicitation and his lectures he said,I have been invited at three places .I have no expectation from community.
Dr.Sajid is currently busy in his internship and he has passed entrance exam of  MD.(Doctor of Medicine) by securing 218 place.He is planning to pursue MD (Medicine)and DM (cardiology ) further.
A city based professional guide Asif Yatnal commented that “credit  to whom and how much”  is the problem with our people. Speaking further,This CMS exam is also a high status exam which is conducted by UPSC but only  MBBS doctors are eligible to appear this exam and on the other hand   any graduates can apply for Civil service exam so that it has managed to grab much attention and glamour.
It is really surprising  that we don’t know about Dr.Sajid’s success, feeling sorry that how I  missed the news of his emphatic performance at national level,admitted Irfan SM a social worker and a media personality.
He further said that academic  awareness of Muslims is poor. Sajid has become an iconic personality for students.He should get his due honour ,I start working on it from now only ,Irfan qouted .
Eijaz Manzoor Alam a recently elected  senator of Solapur University and president of Khidmate Khalq Organisation told this portal that we are unaware about Dr.Sajid academic excellence and even don’t know about CMS exams.No further explaination  but we will keep his name in our mind for further guidance programe. He has become role model for our youths .We are proud of him ,Eijaz added further.
Solapur is popularly known as city of active Muslims and center of Urdu Schools.It has dozens of NGOs and schools of Muslim management who carry various activities regularly and invite resource persons.
Solapurkars have history of this kind of negligence towards inspiring personalities.Dr.Owais Patwegar Who was the first Muslim UPSC cracker of Solapur District is still in unnoticed zone. First Muslim IPS Salman Taj Patel hardly gets a platform to address students.
Whatsapp groups are always being flooded with felicitation news,photos , Urdu Literary  programme and other activity updates.Activists celebrate small small success and achievements of their friends  and relatives at their level best.Which is a good nothing but performers like Dr.Sajid ,Dr.Owais Patwegar, IPS Salman Taj are the  right persons to be utilised to bring educational revolution regarding competitive exams.They well deserved our public and educational platforms.
Awareness regarding competitive exams is rapidly increasing among Muslims .Well wishers of the community frequently deliver talks on it and try to encourage students on their behalf.
Encouraging speeches by well wishers  (poster Boys) is enough for students ??they don’t need cooperation and guidance of the achievers to get better results? These are million dollar questions.
It is commonly agreed that “Everybody wants to be noticed ” .When one gets  attention  he started giving his best to others with a big heart and full zeal .
It’s time now to decide “who are the suitable persons ”  to bring educational revolution, Poster boys  or achievers