Won’t Allow ‘Modi-cracy to Replace Democracy, Say Lawyers on Constitution Day

Lawyers marched from Indian Law Institute to Parliament Street on Constitution Day on 26th November, 2018.

MT News Network,New Delhi — Criticizing Prime Minister Narendra Modi-led BJP government at the center for ‘attacks’ on human rights, judiciary, constitutional and democratic institutions, hundreds of lawyers took out a protest march here on the occasion of ‘Constitution Day’ on Monday and vowed that they will not allow “Indian democracy to be changed into Modi-cracy”.

Raising the slogan — “Modicracy Nahi Chalegi (Modicracy will not be allowed) and carrying placards with messages like “Save Constitution”, “Stop Interference in Independence of Judiciary”, “Stop Attacking Constitutional Institutions”, “Ensure Rule of Law”, “Stop Attacks on Women’s rights”, “Ensure Fraternity and Integrity of People” and “Stop Mob Lynching” written on them, lawyers under the banner of ‘Lawyers For Democracy’ marched from near the Supreme Court to the Parliament House.

several senior and young lawyers alleged that the Modi government has been selectively destroying every constitutional institution in its last four and half years of rule

Senior lawyer at Supreme Court and convener of All India Lawyers Union (AILU- Delhi Unit) Somdutt Sharma said that the way of governance by the current government is a severe threat to democratic institutions, rights of the people, secularism, socialism and independence of judiciary.

“Not to put Aadhaar bill in Rajya Sabha by calling it finance bill and not to take Electoral Bonds bill in Rajya Sabha showed the attack on Parliamentary democracy. To lynch people is attack on democracy. Not allowing women in temples is attack on their human rights. Independence of judiciary is under threat because government is interfering in judiciary by not appointing the judges by giving wrong reasons. Rule of law is ending,” said Adv. Sharma.

“Those who have got power and taken oath of the Constitution must observe it,” he said.

Human Rights Lawyer N D Pancholi said that today all the democratic rights such as right to life, right to freedom of expression, right to dissent, right to employment, right to education and medical health — all are under question.

“We want that the ruling party must concentrate on the directive principles for the progress of this country. But they are polarizing people just to gather votes,” Adv. Pancholi said.

Adv. P V Dinesh said, “All democratic institution are being destroyed by this regime. The government is interfering in every constitutional and democratic institution. They (Government) are trying to make India as a theocratic state which is against constitutional principles and values.”

While young lawyer Adv. Amit Srivastava, president of National human Rights organization (NCRO- Delhi unit) cited that the press conference held earlier this year by the four senior-most judges of Supreme court showed exposed the government’s interference in judiciary.

“BJP government is not at all abiding by the Constitution because they want to implement Manu Smiriti. Attacks on minorities and women rights are continued. We are demanding to save constitution. Even after taking oath of constitution they are not ensuring it,” Adv. Srivastava said.

The protest march that started from the Indian Law Institute near the Supreme Court and ended on the Parliament Street was jointly organized by several organizations including AILU, NHRO, Peoples Union For Civil Liberties, Lawyers for Democracy and Justice, International Ambedkar Mission, All India SC/ST Advocates Welfare Association and AMU Lawyers Forum.