“Na Khaunga…. Na Khaane Dunga”, Narendra Modi (circa 2014) ——

Darshan Mondkar

Corruption in India has always been an perennial problem.

As common middle class people, we are aware of the corruption around us and are impacted by it on a regular basis, though we might not have dealt with it directly.

So, in 2014, when Modi came riding on the white clean horse of Anti-Corruption and made promises of “Na Khaunga Na Khaane Dunga” it was a refreshing change.

Not many leaders of such stature had made such significant claims about eliminating corruption from India by directly naming the people from opposite political camps and assuring that they would be put behind bars.

So, I wouldnt really blame those people who voted in 2014 for Modi thinking he would get rid India of the corrupt.

But what has really happened in the last 5 years?

Frankly, not a single person has been jailed for corruption in fresh cases filed after 2014. Infact I dont even think any fresh were filed after 2014 on any big names.

People like Nirav Modi, who were caught red handed in corrupt practices were actually allowed to slip through India’s grasp and run away to foreign lands, either by design or by sheer negligence.

The “Jamairaja” and the “Maa Bete Ki Sarkar” which was going to go behind the bars for being the most corrupt family in the universe are still out with not so much as a spec of dirt on their whitewashed clothes. (and no, dont quote the National Herald case, it is an alleged private company case yet to be proved and nothing to do with corruption in government).

Investigations in all the scams, which were talked about or rather screamed about from election daises, have not moved any further in the last 5 years.

I cant think of a single Congress/UPA leader who is currently behind bars on recent corruption charges which Modi was going to “take care of”

Even after the much touted Demonetization, corruption is still rampant in India.

Those people who deal with Government officials or are in the business of property dealings will not only vouch for this but will also confirm that the “Rates” have actually increased with the clear reason given that “Saab, upar tak pahuchana padta hain” (It needs to be given till the top).

Over the past 5 years I have often wondered if Modi really wanted to get rid of corruption or whether he was really capable of doing so?

And that made me think about the Alcohol ban in Gujarat since 1960.

Gujarat is a dry state since almost 5 decades now, however most people know that alcohol is easily available in Gujarat to anyone who wants it, on the black market.

Modi was the CM of Gujarat for FOUR terms and the alcohol black marketing was rampant even then.

If the Chief Minister of a State cannot stop black marketing of anything in his state it can mean only three things:

1. Either the CM is aware of what is happening around and is choosing to ignore it for reasons best known to him
2. OR the CM is hand in glove with the black marketeers and gets his own ax ground in some way or the other
3. OR the CM is so dumb that he is incapable of noticing whats happening, let alone stop it.

Take your pick.

But rest assured, I am pretty certain that the “Na Khaunga Na Khaane Dunga” slogan was nothing but an eyewash to win votes and get to the seat of power.

I will definitely not be falling for the same trick again … will you?

Disclaimer: Those who read this post and say, “So you are saying Congress was not corrupt?”…. NO thats not what I am saying. I am saying Modi was ELECTED to do something about that. HE FAILED MISERABLY in doing so. Capish?

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