Speeches diliverd in English by Maulanas

By: Hifzur Rahman
I have attained a program organised by markazul muarif which has been founded two and half decad before by Maulana Badruddi Ajmal. In accordance with hadith aalims are the successor of prophets.
Therefore main objective of the production of aalim is the purification of society from the evils. And it is clear that the discharging of mentioned duty is not possible to be accomplished untill the language of adressee is not known by the successor of prophets. But of the dominance of english in our national education system, a new form of problem came into existence. Modern educated people know how to speek, write and understand english but at the same time they remain completly or partially unknown to their respective languages. In other side maulanas did not know english. Therefore this situation mad a linguistic gulf between the two groups. There was a condition which is said according to a persian idiom that ” zaban e yar e man turki wa man turki nami danam” the language of my friend is turkish but I do not know how to speek this. But Maulana Badruddin Ajmal had taken such an initiative wich mad a bridge between the two freinds
only within 25 years. Allah will reward him (in sha allah).
I observed first time that a number of maulanas have deliverd their speeches in english on different social, religious and ethical issues. Almost all the significant issues of our time were taken into consideratin by them. This beatiful first observation gave me immense pleaser. I realized that if such a step is to be taken by other well wishers and leaders of muslim ummah, a revolutionary result wil come into being. As a result condition of our society will be improved soon.
I hope it will be done also by other great personalities and institution of our community.

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