Tablighi Jamaat being victimised to cover up systematic failures of government: Popular Front of India

Popular Front of India National Chairman OMA Salam has stated the allegations against Markaz Nizamuddeen are unfounded and that Delhi state government and a section of media are victimising Thableeg Jama’at to divert the attention from the massive fallouts from the unprepared lockdown. Whatever was intended by the lockdown, the social distancing failed miserably because of the highly unplanned nature it was executed. Instead, it is causing tragedies.

Markaz Nizamuddeen had cancelled all their pre-scheduled programmes before the lockdown started and fully complied official instructions. However the lockdown without a warning or adequate measures to address its aftermath proved tragic to millions of people.

Families and labour groups got trapped all over India, particularly in almost all major cities across the country. Delhi is the most affected city by the lockdown, for which both the central government and Delhi state govt are equally responsible. Tableeg Markaz, a centre where thousands of devotees gather, was thrown to crisis by the unexpected restrictions and their request to authorities for permission to send people back to their homes was unattended. Though all the programs were discontinued once curfew was imposed, without any transportation or accommodation by govt agencies, the Markaz had no other way than keeping delegates indoors inside the Masjid. Hence blaming Markaz is a purposeful media propaganda and holding Markaz and its head Maulana Saad responsible for the situation is condemnable. The case charged against the Markaz is unjust and that needs to dropped.

Popular Front asks media to refrain from demonising Markaz and Thableeg Jama’ath for the situation created by the authorities. Popular Front also urges the central and state government to take necessary steps to ensure food, accommodation and medical facilities of all the stranded people across the country.

Press Released issued by PFI

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