The purpose of literature and religion is to form a healthy society: Prof. Pasha

“Like religion, literature removes ignorance to society. The purpose of literature and religion is to form a healthy society. They both are related to the human values and social issues.” Prof. Anwar Pasha(JNU, New Delhi) said in the one-day online international seminar on “RELIGIOUS CONCEPTS IN THE WORLD LITERATURE” organized by the TASKHEER FOUDATION and THE WINGS FOUNDATION New Delhi.

Prof. Shahzad Anjum, HOD, Department of Urdu, Jamia Milliah Islamia, New Delhi, said in his lecture “There is a strong tradition of religious expression in world literature. Religious issues also are being presented in the literature as a social issue. During his speech, Dr. Waheed Nazeer (Lecturer in Jamia) has mentioned that Literature was independent, subject of literature in not definite. Different issues can be narrated in the literature in an attractive style and language. In a keynote address, Dr. Mohammad Asrar Mohammad Jameel (Nagpur) said that Just as religion was connected with life, so religion was connected with literature. Apart from them, Dr. Mustafa Khan (Aurangabad), Dr. Ain Rasheed (Darbhanga), Dr. Shamshad Ali (Rajasthan), Dr. Wasiullah Bakhtiari (Andhra Pradesh), Dr. Farooq Azam Qasmi (Khagaria) and Dr. Siddiqui Saeemuddin (Aurangabad) have delivered speech as a chairpersons and guides of the seminar.

While, Sajid Hussain Nadvi (New College, Chennai) and Zeeshan Mustafa, (JNU) performed the duties of the conductors. Renowned creative writer Professor Ghazanfar said in a mail massage that religion and literature are one in purpose. The purpose of both is to guide human beings on the right path and to give peace of mind.

More than four dozen scholars from India and out of India have participated/ presented papers in this online seminar. Like, Dr. Nazia Begum Jaffoo Khan (Mauritius), Ragheb-ul-Haq (USA), Kokab Al-Bari Azhari (Egypt).

And about 35 research scholars from HCU, JNU, DU, JMI, MANUU, MU, AMU, SVU, Mazhar-ul-Haq University, AU, Ranchi University have presented their papers on the relationship between literature and religion.

Mr, Gulab Rabbani (Trustee. Taskheer foundation, Delhi) and Dr. Javed Hassan(General Secretary, the wings foundation, Delhi) said that the book will be published soon after the review of the articles, which were presented in the seminar. Dr Anwarul Hque (President, the wing foundation), Dr. Qasueem Akhter, Arifah Begum, Dr. Nusrat Menu, Mohammad Sirajuddin, Mohammad Ibrahim Khan, Faizul Islam Faizi, Mohsin Khan and Abdul Bari Siddiqui, etc especially attended the webinar.

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