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Drama Dirilis Ertugrul: Fatwa Of Ulema, Digital Media And Contemporary Challenges

It is irrational to perceive that only a few among the ulama have studied Islamic theology thoroughly and that group only own proper understanding...

Turkey and Russia: Cannot Afford Confrontation, The Ball’s in Putin Court

Turkish President Erdoğan and his counterpart Putin have repeatedly met each other in recent years to coordinate their moves in Syria. In September 2018,...

Putin-Erdogan Summit: What’s Next For The Two Great Powers?

Turkish President Erdogan’s visit to Russia next week will see the two Great Powers take their strategic partnership to the next level in an...

Turkey cannot remain silent over use of sanctions as ‘weapons’: Erdogan

Turkish President Tayyip Erdogan said on Tuesday that his country could not remain silent over the use of sanctions as weapons while it is...



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