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By Founder & Chief Editor

Shams Tabrez Qasmi

Importance of Media:

The 21st Century is the century of communication revolution. The whole world has become like a village, rather a home. Currently, there is no any bigger platform than media to preach the thoughts, truth and to influence the people’s minds. Even the war is fought through media. Several world nations are using media as the weapon to establish its supremacy over others. The more powerful in media’s field is the more superior to others. The people deprived of media are failing to convey their views and thoughts on the world level. They are unable to show their valuable services to the world. Those who are equipped with Media’s power are able to express their thoughts and influence the people’s minds. Unfortunately, the Muslims, all over the world, are far behind in this field. There are 30 giant media houses in the world. None of it is owned by a Muslim. Only Al-Jazeera is a media house where policy making is in the hands of the Muslims.

Alternative Media, Need of the Hour:

Definitely launching a print or electronic media house requires millions rupees to be invested. In next few years, the TV channels’ significance will begin to lessen like print media. Social Media is taking the place of the Newspapers and TV Channels as this age is the age of Social Media that is a true “Alternative Media” for one and all, where everyone can express his thoughts freely. It’s possible to play a big role in the field of Media using Social Net Working Sites with the limited resources.

The future is reserved for Cyber Media, like website, YouTube, Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and WhatsApp. That’s why some corporate media houses have started controlling the Cyber Media through launching websites, creating Facebook pages and YouTube channels at large scale. Some renowned journalists are running their media houses through social media; while some others have launched Media house with Corporate Financing on social media. They run it successfully achieving their goals. So, in the age of Social Media, complaining of not having the Newspapers or TV Channels is not an excuse.

Foundation of Millat Times:

Millat Times at www.millattimes.com is an Indian web news portal launched in 2015 by Shams Tabrez Qasmi, a budding journalist. Millat Times’ headquarter is situated in New Delhi, the capital of India. The news portal is owned by ‘Millat News Network Pvt. Ltd,’ the flourishing media house in the Centre of India. It provides services in Urdu, Hindi and English languages. Its YouTube Channel service is also available at Millattimes YouTube. The Urdu version of Millat Times at www.urdu.millattimes.com is very popular with maximum number of visits and readership from India. It has, however, a good number of readership and visitors from the Gulf countries as well. It covers news on political, social, religious and educational issues with a focus on Indian minorities. Nevertheless it also places current news from the Muslim World and the World over along with opinion articles and features. It, particularly, tries to give coverage and focus on the important issues which are generally ignored by the so-called mainstream media. In brief, Millat Times is working with the following aims and objectives:

Aims & Objectives of Millat Times:

To publish News Safeguarding National Interests,
To publish analysis and stories based on facts,
To serve the nation in general and minority community in particular,
To answer to negative propagandas of mainstream media,
To highlight the issues of the marginalized people ignored by mainstream media,
To discuss the issues of Muslims and backward class people,
Millat Times Officially Launched:

Millat Times was officially launched in Urdu with a blessed click of a distinguished Islamic scholar Maulana Sayyed Muhammad Rabey Hasani Nadavi, President of All India Muslim Personal Law Board and Rector of Nadvatul Ulama, Lucknow on 18th January 2016 in Mumbai, the commercial capital of India. Later on, it’s English and Hindi versions were introduced. On the occasion of the first anniversary, Millat Times Mobile App was launched for android platform by a group of senior journalists on 19th January 2017 in New Delhi. In July 2017, its YouTube Channel was launched with an interview of Hyderabad MP and AIMIM President Barrister Asaduddin Owaisi by Shams Tabrez Qasmi, the Chief Editor.

Silent Feature of Millat Times:

Millat Times is known particularly for its fearless journalism while taking issues concerning minority communities and other marginalised groups. Millat Times has been broadcasting various programmes through its social media channels such as: ‘Khabar Dar Kahbar’, ‘Khaas Mulaaqaat’, ‘Saday-e Naujawan’, ‘Special Report’ and ‘Personal Law Ki Maalumaat’ etc which are very popular on its YouTube channel and Facebook pages. Several stories of Millat Times had made positive impact or influenced the society, authorities, NGOs, the government, important personalities and mainstream media. A number of Indian Urdu newspapers had reproduced the follow up news report and articles carried by www.millattimes.com. Millat Times news reportages are also being picked up by numerous Urdu web portal and newspapers from across the globe for their international page.

Achievement of Millat Times:

Al-Hamdulillah, the Millat Times is successful in achieving its goals. Millat Times’ website is read in almost 140 countries. It’s visited and read by almost 70 thousand people daily. Millat Times’ YouTube channel is viewed in 190 countries. There are some videos on Millat Times YouTube Channel which have been viewed by more than a million people. In few months, the YouTube channel has 35,000 thousand Subscribers, while the monthly number of viewers is about 10 million. Millat Times’ Facebook page is liked by 90 thousand users. Ranking of the Millat Times’ Urdu website is better than other Indian Urdu News Portals as reported by the google. The people are showing much interested in the Millat Times. It’s a feather in Millat Times’ cap that its some news has been reproduced by the mainstream media like The Indian Express, The Hindu, DNA etc. Currently, “Times Now” has shared a video of Millat Times’ YouTube channel.

Some Effective Stories of Millat Times

To name a few affective and game changing stories that broke by Millat Times, let us put here some extraordinary incidences which kept the whole nation bugging for days and months.

Truth of Triple Talaq Case of Ishrat Jahan:

One such startling reportage of the Millat Times was the unveiling of the ‘Truth of Ishrat Jahan Case in the Supreme Court of India against Triple Talaq’ dated 17th August 2017. Not to speak of Triple Talaq, the husband Murtaza Ansari didn’t divorce Ishrat Jahan even once. The whole episode went on and on over all media houses at prime times for months. No one cared to meet or directly talk to Murtaza Ansari Ishrat’s husband and dig the truth except Millat Times. We did and exposed before the world that as far as Ishrat Jahan’s case was concerned, the whole case went on false grounds.

Millat Times Broke Bihar’s Sitamarhi Story for the First Time:

The report of the recent Bihar’s Sitamarhi communal violence (2018) and lynching of 80 years old Zainul Ansari was first published by www.millattimes.com only on its YouTube Channel and Hindi Website. Initially the Bihar government and the authorities had refused to comment and tried to cover up the viral photos and videos of the incident as fake. Latter it was approved by The Quint, The Wire and other media houses that the report of Millat Times was based on facts. Following 20 days of this incident, The Indian Express published this report on its front page. Later on, again this report was covered by the BBC and NDTV. Senior iournalist and famous anchor, Ravesh Kumar also presented this lynching story in his Prime Time on NDTV dated 13th November 2018.

Bihar Crime Branch’s Notice to Millat Times:

On 31st October 2018, the Bihar Crime Branch referring to IPC 91 sent a Notice to Millat Times and asked to remove the video reports of Sitamarhi Communal Violence and Zainul Ansari Lynching incident, published on its Facebook page and YouTube Channel saying it will disturb peace and the Law & Order situations in the region. Millat Times refused to remove it as it was to reveal the truth and awaken the higher authority to take action against the culprits. However, the Millat Times story was later taken off by the Facebook and YouTube authorities themselves, the reason they know better, which is still on over other web sites.

Millat Times Reporting on the Babari Masjid Issue:

Maulana Sayyed Salman Nadvi had a dialogue with Sri Sri Ravi Shankar, founder of Art of Living Foundation, on the Babri Masjid’s issue which is still pending in the Supreme Court of India. Maulana Salman wanted that Indian Muslims should give up the claim on the Babri Masjid land and handover it to the majority community. The Millat Times carried common Muslims’ voices in length and went against this deal of majority appeasement. The overturn of Maulana Salman Nadvi stood exposed before the world, who later took back his words too.

Millat Times Exposed Tarek Fatah:

The Millat Times team also played a key role in exposing the mischievous so-called Canadian writer Tarek Fatah in 2016 to throw him out of Jashn-e Rekhta, a three-day festival celebrated annually in Delhi under the aegis of Rekhta Foundation. As it was general feeling at that time among the citizens that he might disturb the peace in the country and cause communal violence any time because of his infamous programme on Zee News.

Millat Times’ Educational Impact:

In Jamia Nagar of New Delhi is a place known as Jamuna Kinare. A part of it is called Dhobi Ghat (Washing Wharf) which is a slum area. A number of daily labourers and poor people are dwelled therein. Their earnings are not even enough to live a simple day-today life. Their children were either picking rubbishes or begging at different places to fill their stomachs being deprived of education. One of the anchors of Millat Times, Manawwar Alam, reached there and prepared a ground report interviewing those children and capturing it in the camera in September 2017. The same was uploaded on Millat Times’ YouTube Channel.

Few days later, a youth activist, Madam Shama Khatoon, watched that report. She took it seriously and started imparting Free Education among those children. Currently these children are learning with the efforts of Shama Khatoon. On the occasion of Children’s Day Celebration, on 14th November 2018, Miss Shama Khatoon held a programme among these children where the Chief Editor of Millat Times, Shams Tabrez Qasmi was invited. Qasmi was happy with the impact of Millat Times in changing the society. He congratulated Miss Khatoon and encouraged the children.

More Possibilities of Success:

There are some sincere and honest journalists who serve in newspapers and TV channels including the world media houses like the BBC, the CNN; but as they are not owners, they fail to express their thoughts and to publish some issues following the policies of the media houses. We need, therefore, such media houses where we must be policy makers as well as have freedom to publish the issues of marginalized and minority communities. Aforesaid success of Millat Times gives Millat Times Team enough courage. Now, the Millat Times is making effort to become a powerful media house to express and publish the views, thoughts and the minority communities’ issues, ignored by the mainstream media houses, without fair or favour.

Daily Outreach of Millat Times:

We have daily outreach to nearly 3 lakh people through our website and social media network.

Facebook page followers: 110,000۔

YouTube Channel Subscribers: 70,000۔

Twitter followers: 2000

Whatsapp directly through our groups: 20,000۔

Website daily visit: 15 0’000۔

Total Reach out almost : 3 Lakh

Note: This is a regular outreach. Sometime this number doubles when the videos are forwarded and shared by others. Some of our videos have more than 1 million views. According to Google analysis, Millat Times holds second rank among the Urdu News Portals in India.

Intention & Determination:

The Millat Times’ dream is to prove itself as a strong and successful media house. To run it, a Budget is required. With the Budget, we want:

To get rid of lacking in the field of Media,
To reach 500,000 viewers in next one year,
To show the services of 10,000 NGOs,
To publish the thoughts and views of 200 prominent people,
To interview about 500 MLAs,
To meet 200 MPs and know their public services,
Issues and Needs of Millat Times:

It’s easy to establish a media house through Social Net Working Sites. But the basic tools like: Cameras, Computers, Audio Recorders, etc. are required. Services of the video editors, reporters and anchors are also required to run Millat Times smoothly. Without being accused of being a media house of particular community, we want that the people of all communities should read our news portals, view our YouTube channel and be aware of our real issues.


Millat Times has played a key role on several occasions by publishing some very important news stories which had put impact on the society, mainstream media, authorities, government on national and international levels. Millat Times has a team of budding and young journalists who have passion to serve the nation through journalism with no or very limited means. Millat Times is a mainstream space for the voiceless in this nation.

Millat Times works within limited resources only. It needs more care and nourishments. Millat Times sincerely welcome your feedbacks, comments and positive criticism. It look forward to partner with grace and work for the community and the great nation.