A fight together to win.

By: Sayeda Gousiya Quadri

The first question I always ask myself, is, am I killing my soul? Well that’s a big question. If not then why does it feel like shattered? Why do I feel so adman to not to accept my mistake ? Well the heart ️ accepts and brings alive the court of justice to prove guilt within me,but me , well off-course me would be me, I won’t accept it so easily. Why is my self respect when I’m wrong becomes more precious then the tears of the one who felt hurt because of me?

These questions remain unanswered or may be a fight between pride and ego makes it unable to be accepted even if being available. Yes! in simple I’m not ready to accept my mistake and so that’s the moment I start torturing my soul, only for the desires of Duniya. A fight so strong yet so weak begins.

Scientifically it’s proven that too much of negativity isn’t good for our health. Well I mean to say that , too much stress out of silly mistakes or a conversation being built with an aim of hurting someone or getting hurt would effect our psychological health deeply.

How many night’s have I slept peacefully ? How many times have I smiled genuinely? And how many times have I felt extremely happy? Well the answers lie in my daily actions , my daily life . Imagine getting up every morning and making breakfast which everyone loves, Imagine breaking yourself from your smartphone screen and smiling at your peer, or saying “let me do it for you” to my mother in law( or any elder ) at home. Imagine saying something encouraging instead of critical criticism, well constructive criticism is good only when it has a positive effect, but a hidden insult is nothing more than a hurtful blow to the opposite person. Imagine expressing yourself with a genuine thank you to the one who is been there for you every time and u never realised . Doing all this you will feel light at heart and mind, in this situation you aren’t in a fight with soul instead both of you that is you and your soul are in fight with the Desires which were hindering your union.

This union is precious and everlasting, only if taken care of.

Our every action has its effect on our soul and it’s spiritual stand . Every positive act or deed not just brings reward but also raises your status in Duniya and Akhira.

Shams Tabrez Qasmi is the Founder & Chief Editor of Millat Times Group, featuring news stories, ground reports and interviews on YouTube. Host Khabar Dar Khabar and debate show " Desh K Sath". He contributes to several news publications as columnist , Ex Director & Member at Press Club Of India. Email: stqasmi@gmail.com