A Govt. Run Primary school teachers step forward to give vocational training to their students

By Imran Inamdar


It is an exciting experience for VIII standard student of a working class family Amina Mohammed who has got an opportunity to learn sewing in the school beside textual syllabus.

Acting sincerely on the Education Department’s instructions and with the intention to save the Urdu school. Urdu teachers of Solapur Zilla Parishad have  found a fantastic way to attract students and maintain the school strength.

Four teachers of ZP school Kumtha,Solapur Dist.Achkal Salim .(HM),Shaikh Jahanara Rahim, Shaikh shahin Abbas, Ayesha Nasrin came up with the idea to improve  the enrollment of Urdu schools and empower the students who are usually from disadvantaged section of the society.

Teachers of the said school have  started  sewing training class in the school from this  academic year for the students of VI,VII and VIII .

This sewing class is being conducted in the school premises during school hours  only .And they are willingly donating  salary of the trainer from their own pocket.

It is already disclosed that educational condition of Muslims in India is worst than Dalits. Percentage of drop outs is very high in Colleges and high school and primary schools as well.
According to the 2006 Sachar Committee Report, “one-fourth of Muslim children aged between 6-14 have either never attended school or are dropouts.Only 50 per cent Muslims who finish middle school complete secondary education, compared to 62 per cent at the national level. The report also notes low levels of education among Muslim women, rural Muslims and those pursuing technical and higher education.

Poverty is the One of the reason for the miserable educational condition.Now it has become open secret that most of parents even Urdu teachers  are choosing famous and glamorous English medium schools for their children’s education.

Head Master of the school Saleem Achkal said, last year we have received circular from govt instructing us to prompt vocational training in the school .
After after having interaction with parents and local supporters we have decided to start sewing classes.

He further informed that currently we are running  I to VIII and  total strenghth of the school is 50 .

He says, we are allotinng  sewing periods to std VI,VII and VIII in which 20 girl students of deprived families undergoing training .

Informing about the response from the students Saleem says, We are receiving exciting response from our students and their parents.Students are really enjoying the classes and started sewing clothes.

Donor of Sewing machines Abubakar Nallamandu told Millattimes.com that  I liked the idea of  vocational training .It will surely help rural area girl students to earn and learn, he added.

Extension officer Dafedar Athar Parvez congratulated and praised the Head Master and staff of the school.He said ,Usually  rural area people are marginalised.They don’t send girl students to school after entering the adolescence .But this move will provide some support to run the family. He further said,Students always like other activities besides textual learning.

Z.P is running nearly 67 Urdu primary Schools in the entire District currently .About 3500 students of rural area are taking education in these schools.

Shams Tabrez Qasmi is the Founder & Chief Editor of Millat Times Group, featuring news stories, ground reports and interviews on YouTube. Host Khabar Dar Khabar and debate show " Desh K Sath". He contributes to several news publications as columnist , Ex Director & Member at Press Club Of India. Email: stqasmi@gmail.com