AIIC a body of Ulemas,Imams and Islamic scholars held Protest March at Jantar Mantar

Press Release,10th July 2019

on the following key issues and we request your kind self to consider the demands of the Imams’ fraternity.

1. Stop Mob Lynching and Right Wing Atrocities
From Akhlaq to Tabreez Ansari viz., Pehlu Khan, Mazloom Ansari, Afrazullah, Rohit Vemola, Dhabolkar, Pansare, Gouri Lankesh to Hafiz Junaid, Asifa more than 100 cases of mob lynching were seen in the country, but none of the culprits has been given a deterrent punishment, which encourages right wing’s criminals. The soft attitude of the government shows that it is the result of collusion between police, administration and doctors. Despite the fact that Supreme Court had sent notice four times to stop mob lynching, the government has not taken any action. Hence, All India Imams Council demands the effective intervention of the central government to stop these atrocities for the safety and security of Indian citizens.

2. Discard Triple Talaq Bill; Stop interference in Muslim Personal Law:
The Constitution of India guarantees the right to freedom of religion to all its citizens. Interference in the Personal Law in the disguise of security and freedom of Muslim women is the ill-intention of the government to show the Islam in the bad light and this is nothing but the conspiracy to uproot the religious affairs of the particular community. Hence, All India Imams Council demands the central government to stop interfering in the Muslim Personal Law and discard Triple Talaq Bill and stop media from misusing of the Islamic terminologies.

3. Drop Citizenship Amendment Bill; Stop expanding NRC to whole country and Stop targeting Muslims:
The announcement to expand NRC across the country is the result of grave conspiracy. In fact minorities especially Muslims will be the prime target of it and millions of citizens will be deprived of their rights in their own country. The key purpose of the Citizenship Amendment Bill is religious discrimination, which is against the fundamental rights of the Constitution. Hence, All India Imams Council seeks the central government to stop the expansion of NRC across the country and drop the Citizenship Amendment Bill.

4. Make changes in National Education Policy:
The National Education Policy, 2019 has been drafted to fulfill the interests of political and economical spheres. The intention of the proposed reformations is total control of the government on education. Making all religious and private institutions under this NEP will be dangerous. Proposal of electing only half of the members of National Education Commission according to their eligibilities and selecting the remaining members by the parliament shows the ill intention of the government and undemocratic. Imposing Hindi language as the third language on non-Hindi speaking regions will destroy the regional languages and cultures. These reformations undermine public education system and make the private education secur boom. The draft NEP ignores the constitutionally mandated reservation for the disadvantaged sections. Recommendation to restructure higher education modeling on ancient tradition is part of the attempt to saffronize education. Hence, the All India Imams’ Council considers present policy is unconstitutional prepared in haste thus seeks changes in it under the monitor of expert educationists.

M Qaisar Siddiqui is a young journalist and editor at Millat Times