America’s Report On Minority Rights Violation Raises Several Concerns And Problematic Findings

By Sarah Khan

An international religious freedom report has been released by the US State Department on 26th June, 2024. The report has raised several concerns and problematic findings. It expresses concerns over the rights of minorities in India with arbitrary detention, internet shutdowns, surveillance of journalists, internet trolls, and extrajudicial killings. 

The report throws light upon the violence on minority groups, especially Muslims, Dalits, and Christians, including the demolition of settlements and places of worship. Along with this, the report has seen a rise in the minority attacks under PM Narendra Modi-led Hindu nationalist Bhartiya Janata Party (BJP) that won the third term. There were dozens of cases listed to indicate the concerning increase in hate speech, anti-conversion laws, and assaults on minorities.

Among those incidents was a brutal shooting by a railway security officer on three Muslims and a security official near Mumbai. 

There have also been allegations of the participation of Muslim men in the slaughter of cows and beef trading cited in the report. However, the Indian government has denied the claims of discrimination against minorities. Further, the Indian government stated that welfare policies like electrification drives and food subsidy schemes aim to benefit every Indian citizen regardless of their religion. 

The state department report also hinted towards the northeastern state of Manipur’s violence that began in May 2023. The report elucidates that more than 200 people were killed, over 250 churches were set on fire, and over 60,000 were displaced. And as a response, the government took minimal credible actions to sort out the issue and punish the culprits involved in the violation of human rights. 

Moreover, the report points towards anti-conversion laws emerging as a challenge to freedom of belief according to the rights advocates. There has been immediate action called out for protection of minority dignity and rights through the report. The report enlightens about the need to strengthen the legal framework in order to promote justice and social harmony. This serves as a necessary reminder to sustain democratic values and human rights. 

Source- The Economic Times 

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