And the lynching goes on……… 

By Meenaz Bhanu,Goa

From Akhlaq to Junaid the chain of lynching looks unending. Our PM Modiji said that killing in the name of cow bhakti is not acceptable, and he also said that nobody has the right to take law in their hand.

But, he also added cow is sacred and protecting cows is needed and said Mahatma Gandhi spoke the most about protecting cows.

On one side he is condemning lynching but on the other side he is speaking in assertive manner to cow vigilantes which will encourage cow vigilantes to do more of such crimes.

Merely condemning the crime cannot be sufficient. The question is where were these cow bhakts prior to these three year Modi sarkar? How come they have become so courageous suddenly? And moreover what action did the government take against such cow vigilantes so far? Is it not crime if somebody lynches human being like a beast just because he eats beef?

Our national leaders who were deeply concerned about the triple talaq, who were ready to abolish the Sharia law by claiming it as injustice towards Muslim woman have  remained  silent when  the Muslim women  are  tragedy struck to see their  loved husbands or sons lynched by  human beasts. Is it not an injustice towards those women who are widowed, who are left unsheltered, and whose son, husband or brother gets lynched in front of their eyes?

So many brutal cases of lynching have happened in our country since two years of the current sarkar and yet the politicians who were screaming for the justice of Muslim woman on electronic media are now deaf and dumb or are they worried that if they speak for the victims they too will be lynched? Whether they are really concerned about Muslim woman or is it just a communal and political agenda?

The so called protectors of our nation; the   politicians, police force, courts all seem blind and insensitive to such open heinous crimes.

We the citizens of India have lost hopes in the current trend in democracy. When a citizen of the nation gets lynched because of his dietary choice such as eating beef or trade in cattle, or for transporting cattle or on mere suspicion   what kind of nationalism our so called nationalists are promoting?

Banning beef might be tolerated but lynching of innocent human beings brutally just for what they eat cannot be tolerated. It is not the lynching of just Akhlaq or Junaid or somebody else but it is the lynching of more than 80% of Indians conscience within whom humanity is still alive.

The NDA government needs to realise that though they behave blind and dumb to the incidents the whole world is watching them and raising voice against the injustice and cruelty.

On one side there are unfulfilled promises of employment, education and economical development etc. On the other side our National leader is busy with his world tours in the name of developing intercontinental relationships and here the lynching goes on……………. 

Shams Tabrez Qasmi is the Founder & Chief Editor of Millat Times Group, featuring news stories, ground reports and interviews on YouTube. Host Khabar Dar Khabar and debate show " Desh K Sath". He contributes to several news publications as columnist , Ex Director & Member at Press Club Of India. Email: